Jobsite Video Surveillance Services

Reduce risks, increase productivity, improve safety compliance and mitigate loss of heavy equipment, materials and tools on your construction project.

Your Construction Project Is At Risk

Material costs have spiked more than 73% in the past year and jobsite theft is at an all-time high.

Reduce loss or manage your construction site effectively by deploying our security surveillance systems.

Our construction site video surveillance as a services are designed to reduce risks, increase productivity, improve safety compliance and mitigate loss of heavy equipment, materials and tools.

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Construction Video Surveillance Services

When your project suffers a loss, it costs money, time, missed deadlines, and causes enormous frustration, resulting in a negative financial impact.

SentriForce provides multiple construction video surveillance as a service solutions to meet your individual construction site needs. 

Video Surveillance Services

  • Our video surveillance systems can be rapidly deployed to your construction project to secure your jobsite.
  • Equipped with flashing red and blue security lights to deter criminals from targeting your project.
  • Designed with the option of 110v powered or solar powered, allows us to provide security anywhere on a construction site.

Live Video Monitoring Services

  • With thermal imaging technology, our systems along with our video monitoring station can accurately detect trespassers on your property.
  • Our intrusion detection system comes equipped with loud audible sirens and bi-lingual voice broadcast.
  • Our monitoring team proactively watches your jobsite for unauthorized activity and engages deterrent measures to deter criminal activity on your project.
  • In the event the trespassers do not exit the jobsite or shows signs of criminal activity, our team will dispatch local law enforcements to the construction site.

Project Management Services

  • With our observation unit, managing multiple construction projects becomes easier.
  • Reduce travel time when you are managing multiple projects.
  • Verify scheduled deliveries of construction materials remotely.
  • Ensure that all individuals on the jobsite are adhering to personal protection equipment (PPE) and safety standards.
  • Easy to use app for anytime connection to your construction site