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Managed Video Security Systems for your Apartment Community.

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Creating a sense of safety and security in your community is essential to gaining and retaining residents.

This can be difficult when your community is vulnerable to vehicle break-ins, theft of catalytic converts, property damage, and other criminal activities.

The Security You Been Wishing For

SentriForce can deploy our “stand-alone” apartment video security system or design a comprehensive managed video surveillance solution for apartment communities which will provide you the needed video evidence to help recoup and recover monies expended for these types of incidents.


Keep unwanted activity outside your community.


Recover losses when your gate is damaged.


We investigate all incidents at your gate, which frees your management resources.


An affordable month-to-month service.

A managed video security solution

When you use MANAGED video security services by SentriForce, there is no equipment to buy, maintain, or repair.

We deploy our video security system on your property and are responsible for maintaining the reliability and performance of it.

Property damage is expensive and loss is hard to recover without clear evidence.

The last thing you need is for your management resources to be tied up trying to sift through hours of footage for video evidence.

When you have property damage, or a crime-related incident, you can contact SentriForce for answers, and we will handle the rest.

We find the video evidence, download it, edit, and send you what you need, at no additional expense or work to you.

System Performance Checks

Your video surveillance system needs to operate smoothly to properly secure your apartment . That’s a tall order for many Texas businesses and communities to manage along with their daily responsibilities. However, you can leave the maintenance to the professionals when you choose SentriForce.

SentriForce’s managed video surveillance systems are equipped with proactive health management to ensure your cameras are working correctly.

At no extra cost to you, our team of expertly trained professionals will manage your system from end to end without any interruptions in service.

Video Investigation

Most property managers don't have time to sift through hours of recorded footage to locate evidence of criminal actions. However, SentriForce offers a stress-free solution.

One of the most significant benefits of our managed video surveillance services is access to our professionally trained investigative team. They’ll go through all the recorded footage from our security cameras to locate exact times, collect evidence, and provide a full video investigation report on the situation.

If an incident occurs, we'll work with you, the client, to determine the who, what, when, and how. We'll help you every step of the way to provide accurate information and evidence that you need to keep your property safe and secure.

Chain of Custody

Though it typically refers to physical evidence, the chain of custody can also include video footage. Mishandling recorded proof of a crime can negatively impact any potential legal proceeds. That’s why it’s crucial to leave this delicate process to the experts.

Our managed video surveillance services take the proper precautions to ensure that any video footage never breaks the chain of custody. We extract, investigate, and deliver recorded video evidence with great care as it makes its way from our facility to the authorities. This procedure establishes the proof you’ll need to collect as part of an investigation that could be shown in court if the incident escalates to that degree.

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera systems are typically used by police to identify and track vehicles of interest more effectively. However, we’ve found that LPR cameras are a great addition to our managed video surveillance services. 

Our LPR solutions allow us to record and log any cars entering and exiting your premises. We ensure strategic installation to capture license plates during the day or night. Our license plate recognition systems are available apartment communities in Texas.