CCTV Installation Costs vs. Managed Video Surveillance Services

March 16th, 2022 | By SentriForce
CCTV Installation Costs vs. Managed Video Surveillance Services

When searching for the best apartment security system, it is very easy to come across CCTV camera systems and feel like it is affordable. Especially when compared with managed video surveillance services, the direct cost seems lower.

However, one must factor in the time cost of making sure that everything runs properly and the cost of hiring separate agencies for video retrieval and investigation. At the same time, it is quite common for apartments to be relegated to defunct CCTV systems that fail to deliver the footage due to poor maintenance.

For these reasons, a direct cost-to-cost comparison of CCTV installation vs. installing a managed video surveillance system does not tell the entire story.


Which One is The Best Apartment Security System

One of the most important aspects of security cameras at apartment complexes is their maintenance. Without proper maintenance, it is useless to invest  in security camera systems. They fail to deliver at the crucial moment when a crime happens.

The other aspect is the proper set up of the cameras to have maximum and effective coverage for criminal activities. It’s best for a well-trained team of experts who are certified to do this job. Only a certified team of professionals is aware of all the possibilities of security gaps in modern communities. For this reason, a professional security company is the right choice for a proper installation.

So based on those criteria, the logical choice is to go for a managed video surveillance system. This is the best apartment security system for replacing security guards and getting something better than traditional CCTV camera systems.

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What Are the Advantages of a Managed Video Surveillance System

Managed video surveillance systems have many advantages, but a few key points set them apart. These are security systems installed, maintained, and serviced by a dedicated security company. 

At its inception, the company helps the apartment community or complex gauge their security requirements accurately. This gets done through professionals who survey the premises to create the optimum design for camera placements and digital analysis systems.

These modern systems are set up to keep account of the car number plates going in and out of the premises.

Once the professionals have determined the optimum setup for the system, the custom-designed installation will deploy, and the surveillance system goes live. Since this is a managed surveillance system, there is no input required from the residents of the apartments.

The security company does all the maintenance and upkeep. This ensures that all cameras, storage, and analysis devices are always functional and updated. The chances of them failing at a crucial moment minimize to almost negligible amounts.

Security companies also provide dedicated video retrieval and investigation services, along with a chain of custody proof, at no additional costs to the apartment owners. This helps law enforcement bring criminals to justice quickly and effectively because the video proof is then usable in court.



Why Is CCTV More Expensive In The Long Run

Even though CCTVs look less expensive at the outset, they accrue additional costs as you go along. Maintenance and retrieval are additional costs that add up to the system’s total cost.

Furthermore, it is not easy to add in or upgrade features because no dedicated company setup has a clear path of upgrades. Most apartment owners are not aware of the various options and the latest developments in the security industry.

This is where a professional team of security experts is able to guide the HOA and select the best system for their requirements. Just installing a CCTV system does not offer all these features, and it eventually ends up costing extra.

Finally, the highest cost is the possibility of system failure because of lack of maintenance or a compromised system. Managed systems are run through regular system checks and performance checks. This ensures that the video footage is available when it is needed the most.

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Security Camera System of the Future

Managed video surveillance systems have become the de-facto option for most businesses because of their streamlined delivery and hands-off approach. Live video monitoring is also available for commercial properties and construction sites. This way, there is no gap in security. No human error occurs in the system through inept handling.

Additionally, it is possible to include advanced digital analysis tools to look at the incoming footage and record essential details for supporting any investigation later. These and several other such features are making managed video surveillance systems a part of the future of security.

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