Affordable, Customized Video Surveillance Services for the Apartment Community Industry.

SentriForce’s systems are designed to deliver on the specific needs of each apartment community.

Protect Your Community

SentriForce will partner with you to assess your needs and install a customized, high-definition camera system with support, forensic review, and optional virtual video patrols, all for a fraction of the cost of other security options.

Mitigate Loss From Misused & Damaged Assets

Whether in the form of repair to an automated gate, waste management fees from illegal dumping, or man hours lost to time-consuming clean ups, misused assets can get expensive, fast. SentriForce can help you determine the source of illegal activity and lease violations, so you can take action.

Deter Unwanted Activity & Increase Tenant Confidence

Apartment complexes are prime targets for various criminal activities from trespassing to vehicle break-ins and burglary. Criminal acts result in unhappy tenants and decreased occupancy. SentriForce’s camera surveillance solutions utilize visual deterrents as well as optional virtual guard patrols and live monitoring, deterring criminal activity and giving your residents peace of mind.

All-Inclusive Services

SentriForce’s managed approach means we’re here when you need us. Our service includes equipment, maintenance, and forensic reviews. Whether you require proof of damaged or misused assets, important footage for law enforcement, or you need us to be your eyes when you can’t see, SentriForce is there for you.

Protect Your Community

Managed Surveillance Services

  • Video footage review, retrieval, and incident management included
  • All equipment and maintenance included with your monthly investment
  • Proactive health management ensures system reliability and maximizes up-time

The Raven

  • A self-contained video surveillance solution with 2 high definition cameras to view and record activity on your property day and night
  • Deployable for focused surveillance on entrances and exits, or other high-risk areas
  • Video footage retained for 30 days
  • Red & blue strobe lights for visual deterrence
  • High speed internet for remote viewing from any PC or smartphone

The Falcon

  • Integrated, easily deployable, high-definition pan-tilt-zoom camera coverage for your apartment community
  • Providing comprehensive coverage for deployments of all sizes, the Falcon can scale from 4 to 128 cameras.
  • Video footage retained for 30 days
  • Optional red & blue strobe lights for visual deterrence
  • High speed internet for remote viewing from any PC or smartphone

Optional Products & Services

License Plate Capture Camera

SentriForce’s dedicated true license plate capture cameras provide critical details about which vehicles enter and leave your property, and when.

True license plate cameras use the reflective nature of license plates to take a clear, high definition picture, day and night.

License Plate Capture Camera

Clarity and Functionality

High definition video matters. SentriForce clients have come to rely upon the information and evidence that our surveillance footage provides.

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Client Testimonial

Representing the Houston Police Department, Homicide Division, my partner Detective W. Huff and I would like to send our utmost gratitude and respect to you and your company, SentriForce, in your effort to assist us in a Murder case, having occurred on October 5, 2019.  We were able to work with the available evidence using the surveillance footage afforded to us by you and your company to locate and charge the case suspect with Murder, as of March 2, 2020.   Your assistance also gave closure to this family who had a member taken from them.  Thank you!

—J. Nguyen, Detective

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