License Plate Recognition

While the SentriForce video surveillance camera deployed are high-definition, specialized License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras can be added to deliver additional information. Law enforcement agencies say a license plate number is one of the best items of evidence when investigating a crime.


A specialized type of video surveillance camera, designed to capture alphanumeric characters found on license plates.


SentriForce’s dedicated true license plate capture cameras provide critical details about which vehicles enter and leave your property, and when.

True license plate cameras use the reflective nature of license plates to take a clear, high definition picture, day and night.

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License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition (LPR) security cameras are an excellent way to add an extra layer of security to your video surveillance system at your Apartment Community, Homeowners Association, or Commercial and Retail Property

They allow you to capture and keep a record of any vehicles entering and exiting the premises. Law enforcement often uses this technology and systems like this to track and locate vehicles of interest, but businesses and properties can also use them for keeping track of who enters or exits the property.

License Plate Recognition cameras are not like typical cameras, dedicated LPR cameras are high-tech cameras that use a combination of high-definition and special optical character recognition (OCR) to capture and identify license plates during day or night. The image is converted by the OCR to letters and numbers and then recorded and logged.


Generally, the minimum resolution needed for reading license plates is 1080p or higher. But resolution is not the only criteria for proper use of an LPR camera. The LPR must be placed and installed strategically, at the proper angles and at the proper height for the angle to correctly capture and recognize the license plate numbers. LPR cameras placed too far away will not be able to zoom in properly.

Law enforcement will be able to act more quickly and effectively on a potential suspect when specific information is provided.

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License Plate Recognition - the power of sentriforce

You manage your property, we manage your surveillance. Our “Video as a Service” approach, developed over 15 years of industry experience, includes innovative equipment, local live monitoring, proactive system health monitoring, and rapid forensic video review.


Whether you need isolated coverage in one area, or comprehensive coverage, SentriForce has an affordable solution that remains flexible as your needs grow and change.


SentriForce’s “Video as a Service” plan gives you the evidence needed to answer your most important questions: who, when, and how.

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