The NICB reports that construction theft costs general contractors and builders up to $1 billion annually.
In 2019, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration increased the penalties for serious and other-than-serious to $13,260 per violation. *EHSToday January 2019

Our construction site safety and project management video solution allows risk or safety compliance officers and construction executives easy access to any jobsite.

Our construction security camera solutions can actively deter and intervene when there is a threat of theft.

Risk Management and Asset Protection

The use of jobsite cameras is growing across the construction landscape.

Our construction site managed video surveillance as a service cameras are designed to reduce risks, increase productivity, improve safety compliance and mitigate loss of heavy equipment, materials and tools.

SentriForce surveillance systems are self-contained, optionally self-sufficient and with our US-based in-house licensed monitoring personnel, SentriForce can provide a solution that you can rely on.

Solutions for Construction Sites

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Construction Sites

Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs due to the high risk for accidents among workers.

Falls from high places is the number one most common construction accident, accounting for 35% of construction injuries.

Coupled with an annual cost of ever-increasing dollars in construction jobsite theft, jobsite safety compliance and asset protection are a must for any general contractor.

Jobsite cameras contribute to risk-management objectives and improving site safety in a multitude of ways.

  • SentriForce managed video surveillance as a service cameras record the jobsite continuously. When a near miss or safety incident occurs, a project manager or safety compliance individual can review the footage to determine the root cause and have documentation of the activity.
  • Monitoring the compliance with a construction company's quality assurance processes is simplified by having detailed images and video documentation helping to avoid high costs and delays often associated with a lawsuit.
  • Analyzing the flow of workers and materials on a jobsite can allow project teams to identify potential bottlenecks and hazards, all while having minimal impact on the actual jobsite.
  • Reducing travel time and costs between active jobsites to validate material deliveries, verifying job stages in construction and worker appearance on the jobsite.
Construction sites are commonly targeted for criminal activities such as theft and vandalism.

Construction materials, equipment, tools and vehicles are the most vulnerable to theft and damage.

When your project suffers a loss, it costs money, time, missed deadlines, and causes enormous frustration, resulting in a negative financial impact.

SentriForce provides multiple construction video surveillance as a service solutions to meet your individual construction site needs. 

Our Live Monitored Video camera systems along with our owned Central Station for remote monitoring are specifically designed to respond to the various construction site security challenges.

The SentriForce construction surveillance system utilizes Thermal Imaging technology for increased accuracy and reliability on your project.

Utilizing high visibility strobe-lights and a bi-lingual voice broadcast messaging for Crime Deterrence and Intervention, the SentriForce mobile video surveillance systems have industry leading technology.

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Construction Sites - CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

I would highly recommend SentriForce over any of their competitors. I previously used the nation’s largest, construction-site-security-camera provider, and was dissatisfied for multiple reasons. SentriForce does not outsource to third-party vendors like a lot of their competitors and is competitively priced. I like the fact that they are U.S. owned, live monitor in the U.S., and the professionalism of the operators and management is unmatched.

— Curtis Kelly, Commercial General Contractor Superintendent

Within the past few months, our job site cameras were installed onsite. Every step of the way, from the day of the initial quotation and layout suggestions, to the day of installation was a smooth and painless experience. Not only is our job site more protected, but I can truthfully say that we also have a peace of mind knowing that we can call SentriForce with any needs and it will be taken care of promptly.

— Pat Melendez, Oracle City Homes Office Manager

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