Protect Your Community and Property Assets With Managed Video Surveillance For Apartment Complexes

Apartment communities are prime targets for various criminal activities such as trespassing, vehicle break-ins, burglaries, and even assaults.
Just as frequently, community assets such as gates, are damaged by tenants, delivery personnel, and visitors.

Unfortunately, average security cameras at apartment complex communities aren’t always enough. However, SentriForce provides surveillance solutions that deter crime and provide a sense of security for apartment communities.


SentriForce’s managed video surveillance services are much more comprehensive than typical security cameras at apartment complexes. SentriForce will partner with you to assess your apartment community needs.

We’ll install a fully managed, high-definition camera system with support, video retrieval, and forensic review. Most importantly, this apartment complex video surveillance solution is a fraction of the long-term cost of other apartment security camera options.

Your community's gates, playground equipment, pools, or laundry room MACHINES are valuable assets. They can cost thousands of dollars if damaged. Apartment Surveillance cameras and other security services deter vandalism and provide evidence for legal recourse.

Helping to keep your tenants' sense of well-being and security, as well as the overall environment pleasing, is a significant factor in maintaining high resident occupancy. So choosing an apartment complex video surveillance solution that’s right for your community is crucial.

Solutions for Apartment Security Surveillance

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Apartment Security Surveillance


A SentriForce fully managed video surveillance system can deliver on both accounts.

Whether in the form of damage to an automated gate or waste management fees from illegal dumping, the cost to your net operating income is heavy.

SentriForce can deploy our “stand-alone” apartment surveillance cameras or design a comprehensive managed video surveillance system for apartment communities which will provide you the needed video evidence to help recoup and recover monies expended for these types of incidents.

SentriForce’s self-contained video surveillance unit deployed at your apartment complex’s entry and exit gate, coupled with a dedicated License Plate Recognition camera, provides options for recourse. Our apartment surveillance cameras record the exact date and time along with the vehicle information when your gates are damaged. SentriForce’s apartment security system services provide numerous other advantages. Apartment surveillance cameras are a visual deterrent to would-be intruders. Other benefits SentriForce’s managed video surveillance services have over typical security cameras at apartment complexes include:

  • Asset Protection - Video surveillance helps recover expenses on damaged community and ownership assets, helping improve net operating income.
  • Mitigate Risk - Deter unwanted activity and criminal acts on the property with video surveillance.
  • All-Inclusive Services - Managed video surveillance as a service for your multi-family property allows you to focus on tenant occupancy and retention and know that the video surveillance system is working.
  • Time-Saving - Dedicated video review team to identify and find the important video clips that you or law enforcement needs.

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Apartment Security Surveillance - CLIENT TESTIMONIALS
Representing the Houston Police Department, Homicide Division, my partner Detective W. Huff and I would like to send our utmost gratitude and respect to you and your company, SentriForce, in your effort to assist us in a Murder case, having occurred on October 5, 2019. We were able to work with the available evidence using the surveillance footage afforded to us by you and your company to locate and charge the case suspect with Murder, as of March 2, 2020.  Your assistance also gave closure to this family who had a member taken from them. Thank you!

—J. Nguyen, Detective

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