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Since using SentriForce on July 3, 2020, “... we’ve not had a single person just continue to come into the site or try to steal anything or anything like that.”

-Jonathan Stark, Harvey Builders
Managed Video Surveillance Services in Houston

SentriForce offers high-definition security systems designed to secure your business, construction site, apartment community, or homeowners association anywhere in Houston. 

Our managed video surveillance systems deter criminal activity by visual presence. Additionally, our active live monitoring systems, available to construction and retail sites, will alert our central station of any trespassers on your construction or retail property. If necessary, local authorities will be dispatched immediately so they can intervene against suspicious activity.

Whether you need comprehensive coverage at your site, or a few cameras protecting high-value assets or areas, we provide adaptive security solutions that can change and grow with your community or business.

Houston Surveillance System Services

SentriForce provides a wide range of managed video surveillance services in Houston, including product enhancements and monitoring that have a proven track record of successfully protecting people's property against damages or loss. 

Our surveillance security solutions are set apart from the rest, thanks to the adaptable plans that allow you to customize your security setup to match your needs.

Solar Powered Mobile Surveillance

If you need managed video surveillance in an area of your construction site or homeowner association where you cannot access electrical power, we offer a solar-powered option. Our solar-powered monitors draw their power from the sun and store it to a long-lasting battery. They run on low battery consumption and can last days without solar input, ensuring your property will be covered without service being impeded and is a decent option for cutting electricity costs.

Remote Site Safety & Project Management

Houston managers want to make sure their employees are doing their work well, on time, and following all safety protocols. Remote site safety is a must to ensure the safety and productivity of your construction site. Our services will ensure the correct safety protocols are in place and are being adhered to and that your projects run smoothly.

Additionally, our project management services are also crucial, especially if you’re tackling more than one project at a time. Cut your travel time to and from job sites, check on deliveries and monitor your job sites by simply viewing the live video on your phone! 

Live Video Monitoring

We use our managed video surveillance systems and our state-of-the-art Central Station monitoring facility to protect your assets from criminal activity such as vandalism and theft. These services are offered to construction sites and commercial and retail properties. 

Using industry-leading technology, our surveillance systems are a force multiplier that helps deter and detect unwanted activity. Our managed video surveillance systems in Houston are monitored around the clock and help minimize crime and stop criminal activity by using strobe lights, thermal imagers, sirens and alerting the proper authorities. Additionally, documentation takes place 24/7.

Deterrence & Intervention

With SentriForce’s managed video surveillance paired with active deterrence and intervention measures, you can rest assured that potential threats will be dissuaded from trespassing or pursuing any criminal activity on your construction or retail site.

All criminal activity begins with trespassing. Along with posting “no trespassing” signs, we install our video surveillance systems near entrances and exits and equip them with high-visibility strobe lights and alarms. If the unwanted activity continues, strobe lights and audible sirens will alert the trespasser and give them a final warning to leave the premises.

If the threat continues, our monitoring personnel at our Central Station will dispatch local police and inform you as well.

Thermal Imaging

Many construction sites and retail centers have less than ideal lighting at night, which can be a magnet for criminal activity. 

Our high-definition, industry-grade imagers utilize heat, or infrared energy, to capture any activity that occurs on your property. That way, our managed video surveillance systems not only “see through the dark,” but they also can see through any poor weather or lighting conditions, which make it easy to spot the culprit of any criminal activity.

System Performance Checks

To keep your construction, homeowner association, apartment community, or retail site secure at all times, you’ll need your surveillance systems to be operating smoothly and without any interruptions in service. Our managed video surveillance systems in Houston are equipped with proactive health management to ensure your cameras are working correctly.

At no extra cost to you, our team of expertly trained professionals will manage your system from end to end.

Video Investigation

Most property managers don't have time to sift through hours of recorded footage in an attempt to locate captured criminal activity.

With SentriForce in Houston, you can rely on our professionally trained investigative team to do that for you. We'll go through the footage to locate exact times, collect evidence, and provide a full forensic report on the situation.

In the event of an incident, we'll work closely with you and local law enforcement to determine the who, what, when, and how. We'll help you every step of the way to provide accurate information and evidence that you need to keep your property safe and secure.

Chain of Custody

Though it typically refers to physical evidence, chain of custody can also include video evidence as well. We extract, investigate and deliver your evidence with great care to ensure you have an unbroken chain of custody. This establishes the proof you’ll need to collect as part of an investigation that could be shown in court if the incident escalates to that degree.

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera systems are typically used by police to identify and track vehicles of interest more effectively. Using high-definition and optical character recognition (OCR), our LPR solutions allow you to record and log any vehicles entering and exiting your premises. We’ll also ensure strategic installation to capture license plates during the day or night. Our license plate recognition systems are available for homeowner associations, apartment communities, and retail and commercial properties.