Managed video surveillance as a service in a neighborhood helps answer the WHO, WHAT, and WHEN questions that arise after a misuse of community amenities or a criminal act has been committed. If your neighborhood has contracted law enforcement, the SentriForce video surveillance system can also act as a force multiplier in crime deterrence.

Video surveillance helps you safeguard your neighborhood community.

Each neighborhood, whether large or small, can benefit from the use of a managed video surveillance service to help reduce unwanted activity in the community, provide solid evidence of damage to assets owned by the subdivision or deliver key evidence in a law enforcement investigation.


SentriForce’s systems are designed to deliver on the specific needs of any neighborhood to secure your community.


Video surveillance in an neighborhood gives law enforcement an extra tool in investigating and resolving crimes.

Solutions for Homeowner Association Security Surveillance

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Homeowner Association Security Surveillance


Homeowner Associations and neighborhoods all across America are installing video surveillance in their communities for a variety of reasons, namely to help reduce criminal activity in their subdivision, to recover the costs of damaged community assets, reduce potential liabilities and to give local law enforcement, an extra tool in investigations and resolving crime.  

With proper video footage, a neighborhood recover monies on damaged property such as entry and exit gates, community park and playground equipment or misused community center assets. 

Additionally, managed video surveillance as a service will help in the overall community efforts in reducing unwanted activity and help deliver a general sense of “peace of mind” to the community members.

Cameras and video surveillance equipment should be placed in high traffic areas, areas with community assets, as well as entry and exit points to name a few. We typically recommend surveillance in these areas:

  • The community center or neighborhood amenity facility.
  • Entry and exit points to a subdivision - gated or otherwise.
  • Parks and playground areas or any property utilized by the association.
  • Any known public areas for criminal activity.
  • Community mail-box areas.
  • If the association is wanting "general traffic" flow for their neighborhood.

SentriForce can help an association board or the contracted HOA management company navigate through the process of installing video surveillance in their neighborhood, as there are several considerations in the location for the cameras, access to footage, retention of the footage and the performance of the camera system installed.

In addition to general video surveillance, neighborhood video surveillance systems should include a License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera at the main entry and exit points to the community. 

This adds a vital component to the system for local law enforcement when vehicles are involved. 

An HOA or neighborhood should not rely solely on a LPR for their surveillance, as many crimes or malicious activity does not involve a vehicle.

Be secure by tomorrow

The power of sentriforce

Homeowner Association Security Surveillance - The power of sentriforce

You manage your property, we manage your surveillance. Our “Video as a Service” approach, developed over 15 years of industry experience, includes innovative equipment, local live monitoring, proactive system health monitoring, and rapid forensic video review.


Whether you need isolated coverage in one area, or comprehensive coverage, SentriForce has an affordable solution that remains flexible as your needs grow and change.


SentriForce’s “Video as a Service” plan gives you the evidence needed to answer your most important questions: who, when, and how.

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