Theft Deterrence, Prevention & Intervention Services in Austin, TX

The SentriForce video surveillance systems for construction sites, apartment complexes, commercial or retail properties, and homeowner associations actively deter and help prevent crime in Austin, Texas. Our services utilize a myriad of practical tools to create a theft-deterrent system that will keep trespassers and subsequent theft at bay.

Since using SentriForce on July 3, 2020, “... we’ve not had a single person just continue to come into the site or try to steal anything or anything like that.”

- Jonathan Stark, Harvey Builders

Being in charge of your property, whether commercial or residential, doesn’t stop when you leave the premises. SentriForce has years of experience keeping watch when you can’t by deploying effective and quick theft deterrent systems to keep your space secure. Our video surveillance system deploys assets explicitly tailored to your property to create the best theft prevention in Austin, TX. 

We know that every property is unique. That’s why we have multiple solutions regarding the theft-deterrent system in Austin, TX. Deploying security measures can make a massive difference in the efficacy and safety of your business or residence.

The SentriForce Difference

SentriForce is committed to providing premier theft deterrence systems in Austin, Texas, by implementing clear-cut protocols and deploying effective assets. Sentriforce’s goal is to keep your premises safe, and our passion is safeguarding your site and assets. We strive to minimize any risk to your property by putting our years of expertise to work for you.

We offer live video monitoring for commercial properties and construction sites for constant surveillance in Austin, Texas. By deploying assets such as high-visibility strobe lights and audible alarms in tandem with thermal imaging and rapid forensic video, our theft deterrent system in Austin, Texas, reduces the risk of theft or damage to your site.


It’s important to us that we meet your standards with efficacy and price simultaneously. That’s why SentriForce allows for scalable solutions to match your needs and your budget. In addition, SentriForce is here to implement new protocols in your theft-deterrent system in Austin, TX, as your needs grow. So whether you’re adding to your construction site or needing additional coverage in high-value areas, we are ready with an intuitive addition for your theft prevention needs in Austin, Texas.


Using highly visual and audible solutions for your theft-deterrent system in Austin, Texas, Sentriforce creates the perfect combination of assets to keep your site secure. Whether we are monitoring your construction site or adding visible deterrents to your property, we put our 15 years of excellent theft prevention service toward answering your “what, when, and how” questions should a safety breach occur. 

Sentriforce will be the eye you keep on your property no matter what. Our visualization systems are state of the art, and footage can be made available to you should you need evidence to turn over to the Austin police department.

Secure Your Property With SentriForce’s Theft Deterrent System in Austin, TX

SentriForce executes premiere security systems with the goal of theft prevention in Austin, Texas. Traditional camera systems may not be enough to dissuade intruders from imposing on your space. With SentriForce, our primary goal when implementing a theft-deterrent system is to swiftly utilize assets with a significant impact. From placing visible and imposing NO TRESPASSING banners to live monitoring services for your construction site or retail location, SentriForce is the team to trust for theft prevention in Austin, TX. Establishing a deterrence and intervention system for your property may seem daunting, but SentriForce is ready and willing to give you the peace of mind you deserve.  

Theft Intervention in Austin, TX Improves the Security of Construction Sites

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous workplaces in the U.S. Additionally, your construction assets are often left unattended, out in the open, and within reach of trespassers when the work day is done. Only having an insurance policy as a reactive approach to dealing with theft can be negligible and costly if you can’t find the culprit. Instead, adding proactive measures, such as a theft deterrence system in Austin, Texas, is vital to keeping your work site safe after-hours. 

SentriForce offers state-of-the-art theft prevention in Austin, Texas, for construction sites. Live video monitoring services are one of the most significant assets available for construction sites. This means that should an intruder make their way onto your property, a live operator is on the other end of the cameras mounted at your location. When an intruder is located, strobe lights and wailing alarms will be sounded to deter the assailant from venturing further onto your site. Should these measures not work, we engage an audible message that they are being surveilled and are given a final warning to leave the premises. Should this not bring the theft to a stop, we will dispatch Austin police immediately.  

Increase Security at Your Retail Or Commercial Property With Theft Prevention in Austin, TX

Retail and commercial properties are among the highest targets for theft and trespassing. Unfortunately, keeping a watchful eye on your business is virtually impossible on your own. SentriForce is a leading expert at creating theft deterrence systems in Austin, Texas, for retail and commercial locations. 

Theft deterrence is a large portion of a business’s success. Cutting down on the margin of loss of product stolen by intruders or shoplifters can create significant gains in your business. SentriForce provides video surveillance covering hard-to-visualize areas that can aid in catching and apprehending theft in your retail or commercial enterprise. Theft intervention in Austin, Texas, has never been easier with the help of SentriForce’s state-of-the-art cameras and surveillance options. Our systems are created to easily allow for retrieving and submitting visual footage to the Austin police department. This will streamline your efforts in catching thieves in the act and bringing them to justice. 

Deploying Theft Deterrent Systems in Austin, TX at Apartment Complexes & HOAs

No matter where you call home, all residents want to feel safe in their space. That’s why SentriForce offers theft intervention in Austin, Texas, for apartment complexes and homeowners associations. Having visualization in common areas such as parking lots, playgrounds, dog parks, and other shared spaces can go a long way toward making residents feel safe. 

Theft-deterrent systems in Austin, Texas, can be an added asset to your residential community. It’s a right, not a privilege, to feel safe in your home. SentriForce stands behind this statement by providing top-of-the-line video surveillance systems and services to keep your apartment complex or homeowners association well watched and secure. By installing video surveillance cameras in visible places, such as entrances and tall poles, residents and intruders alike will know they are being watched. This will deter theft and keep thieves from infiltrating your community. 



Theft Deterrence, Prevention & Intervention Services in Austin, TX - CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

I would highly recommend SentriForce over any of their competitors. I previously used the nation’s largest, construction-site-security-camera provider, and was dissatisfied for multiple reasons. SentriForce does not outsource to third-party vendors like a lot of their competitors and is competitively priced. I like the fact that they are U.S. owned, live monitor in the U.S., and the professionalism of the operators and management is unmatched.

— Curtis Kelly, Commercial General Contractor Superintendent

Within the past few months, our job site cameras were installed onsite. Every step of the way, from the day of the initial quotation and layout suggestions, to the day of installation was a smooth and painless experience. Not only is our job site more protected, but I can truthfully say that we also have a peace of mind knowing that we can call SentriForce with any needs and it will be taken care of promptly.

— Pat Melendez, Oracle City Homes Office Manager

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