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I would highly recommend SentriForce over any of their competitors. I previously used the nation’s largest, construction-site-security-camera provider, and was dissatisfied for multiple reasons. SentriForce does not outsource to third-party vendors like a lot of their competitors and is competitively priced. I like the fact that they are U.S. owned, live monitor in the U.S., and the professionalism of the operators and management is unmatched.

- Curtis Kelly, Commercial General Contractor Superintendent

Within the past few months, our job site cameras were installed onsite. Every step of the way, from the day of the initial quotation and layout suggestions, to the day of installation was a smooth and painless experience. Not only is our job site more protected, but I can truthfully say that we also have a peace of mind knowing that we can call SentriForce with any needs and it will be taken care of promptly.

- Pat Melendez, Oracle City Homes Office Manager

We have been extremely impressed and happy with the service that SentriForce is providing us with, especially the monitoring and notifications we receive on our properties. We are also happy with the type of customer service that we get from SentriForce. Thank you in advance for all your services. We look forward to a continued working relationship.

- Hector Gomez, Expo Construction Group Superintendent

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I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the efficiency of SentriForce and its staff.

I am the Superintendent for the Near East Distribution Center located in Houston Texas. I was on location about a day or so when a representative from SentriForce visited me on my job site. They was extremely knowledgeable in regard to the products and services that they offer.

We decided to utilize SentriForce for our video surveillance cameras for this project. The representative from SentriForce came out again and had our cameras installed the very next day. I was in awe of the expediency and efficiency that SentriForce provided.

I highly recommend SentriForce to any and all companies that are in need of video surveillance cameras for their construction projects. Great job!

- Brent Collins, Burton Construction Superintendent

Thank you! Your personal customer service to David Brothers Construction has been exceptional and made our set up with SentriForce easy. You went above and beyond to get our service set up and working in Baytown, TX. We appreciate you and keep up the hard work.

- Robyn Adams, Davis Brothers Construction Executive Assistance

Thank you for all your help in setting up the camera system. The SentriForce system is a Cadillac compared to some of the others I have used. The app is very user friendly and the quality of picture is great! I really enjoy being able to rotate the camera from my phone allowing me and or anyone else with the app to be able to see the progress on the job site. Thank you again for your continued assistance and patience with any questions I have.

- Gary Cook, SPD Construction

I just wanted to reach out to SentriForce to say that we are completed satisfied with the outstanding service that SentriForce provides. Knowing that we are working with a knowledgeable and reputable company is reassuring. I look forward to continuing our business relationship for all of our future projects.

- Dave Cole, Blazer Real Estate Services

Thank you for all the help and for checking up on us periodically. We appreciate all the great customer service you have provided us. We will continue to use SentriForce in the future. Know that SentriForce has been the only company I have used throughout all the projects I've been on.

- Edgar Rodriguez, KG Residential Superintendent

We have been very happy with SentriForce video quality, service, and you always respond right away.

- Kimberly Martinez, The Redford Assistant Manager