Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get about securing your property or investment.

General Questions

Do I have to have lights for the cameras to work?

While the SentriForce video surveillance units, both mobile and fixed, utilize ultra-low light cameras and in the case of the live monitored mobile units, a thermal imaging camera which requires no light to perform, it is always a good practice to have proper levels of lighting. Lighting is one of the pillars in a comprehensive site/location security and asset protection plan.

Will I be able to see the cameras on my mobile phone?

Yes, if you have a fixed system or an observation unit for video surveillance on your property.

No, if the video surveillance equipment is temporary or mobile.

Mobile phone or mobile device viewing is done through an app. Our team will direct you to download and install the app once the system(s) are installed and connected.

Is there a long-term agreement with your cameras?

As SentriForce offers a variety of video surveillance systems in varying channels, the answer is dependent. Clients who utilize the monitored mobile video surveillance units, there is only a thirty (30-day) commitment. The client can utilize the unit and service as needed. On the apartment community, HOA and light retail/commercial services offered, SentriForce has options from one (1) year up to three (3) year agreement terms available for our clients. For these types of clients, there are significant advantages for longer term agreements.

Why would I use cameras instead of a guard service?

While SentriForce recognizes the need for human guard services at times, the use of monitored or non-monitored video surveillance brings several distinct advantages. A guard cannot visually record events twenty-four (24) hours a day, like video surveillance can.  A guard needs to take breaks during a patrol, where cameras do not. Video evidence provides an un-filtered account of what and when something happens. Video surveillance offers the client a historical account of their location/site, for retrieval after the fact. Video surveillance, offers an un-distracted level of peace of mind.

Do I have to provide your cameras with internet or WiFi?

On most of the SentriForce video surveillance systems offered, we supply the required internet access to and from the video surveillance system/units. This is part of our “all-inclusive” services we offer. SentriForce provides and ensures that the video surveillance systems are connected to a supplied internet source, either by 4G/LTE cellular or terrestrial means.

Will your cameras capture license plates?

Depending on the type of video surveillance unit(s) or system deployed, yes, we can install dedicated license plate recognition (L.P.R.) cameras. The SentriForce monitored mobile video surveillance systems do not typically have the option for the installation of L.P.R. cameras but with our other fleet units and our fixed video surveillance systems, L.P.R. cameras are both recommended and are an option which should be installed.

What is included with your video surveillance services?

SentriForce specializes in managed video surveillance as a service, and with such, we include all services offered for the low monthly fee. The monthly service includes all equipment, system monitoring (as needed based on the type of system deployed), the needed system health management software (to ensure the system is always working), all service and maintenance, internet connectivity and unlimited video retrieval and forensic review/analysis.

How do I rewind the video and watch it?

With the SentriForce managed system(s) installed at your property or construction site, you have the ability through an app to rewind and review footage captured. However, as our trained and dedicated video review and forensic analysis team is always available to you, we take this burden from you. At anytime you are in need of footage, a simple email request is all it takes for our team to go into action and return to you a professionally edited video. For those few customers which decide not to take advantage of our managed video platform, you will be trained in the use of the system.

Why would I use your company rather than just install cameras myself?

While DIY or Do-It-Yourself camera systems have gained in popularity, deployment of a video surveillance system should be carefully designed and thought out. Most DIY systems do not offer the option of monitoring by trained professionals when an event arises which requires local law enforcement. Professionally installed video surveillance systems should include 24-hour system health maintenance on the devices attached to the system (nothing worse than needing a video only to find out the system stopped recording several days ago!). Professionally installed systems provide the proper “chain of custody” in the event of evidence submission to local law enforcement.  SentriForce handles the system from “end-to-end”, with our dedicated R&D team, sales and installation employees, our own and locally operated Central Station and highly trained forensic video retrieval/review team.


Do your cameras/systems have a "talk-down" feature on them?

SentriForce utilizes a high decibel siren, high visibility strobe-lights and bi-lingual talk-down messaging for Crime Deterrence and Intervention.

Can I move the camera units around on my job-site myself?

As SentriForce has designed and developed our own mobile video surveillance units, we have made the physical footprint of the unit much smaller and therefore, the units are mounted on a pole which requires professional installation and relocation. As the primary purpose of the mobile video surveillance unit is to detect unwanted intrusion, the aiming of the thermal image camera is tantamount for the performance of the unit. The state-of-the-art components are somewhat sensitive and can be damaged if not correctly installed. This is especially true if the mobile video surveillance unit is a solar powered style, which requires the correct direction and tilt of the panel for optimum performance.

Why do I need more than one camera unit on my job-site? Other companies just install one unit with multiple cameras?

More isn’t always better. SentriForce focuses our attention on the main areas of concern and opportunity for theft on any construction job sites: entry and exits, job site trailers, storage or Conex boxes and the sites laydown yards. Depending on the size and scope of your construction project, these primary areas can be spread out over a large geographical area and with such, require multiple video surveillance units to be deployed. Our trained and experienced account managers will guide you and design a video surveillance system to meet both the construction site needs and your individual requirements.

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