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SentriForce’s systems are designed to deliver on the specific needs of each home owners association to secure your community.

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Industry leading technology with our Texas based, fully licensed monitoring personnel helps you protect your HOA community.

Why does an HOA need video surveillance?

Video surveillance helps answer the WHO, WHAT and WHEN questions that arise after an incident occurs. With the proper video footage, video surveillance can help recover monies on damaged property such as entry and exit gates, community park and playground equipment, and community center assets. Surveillance footage helps assist law enforcement with criminal investigations and helps district attorneys in prosecution. It helps provide both investigative and prosecutorial evidence.

Additionally, a high quality video surveillance system will help in the overall community effort to reduce criminal activity in the association. These systems help to deliver a general sense of "peace of mind" to the community members.

Where does a community use video surveillance?

Cameras and video surveillance equipment shoud be placed in high traffic areas, areas with community assets, as well as entry and exit points to name a few. We typically recommend surveillance in these areas :

  • The community center or neighborhood amenity facility.
  • Entry and exit points to a subdivision - gated or otherwise.
  • Parks and playground areas or any property utilized by the association.
  • Any known public areas for criminal activity.
  • Community mail-box areas.
  • If the association is wanting "general traffic" flow for their neighborhood.
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Smarter Surveillance

Clarity and Functionality

High definition video matters. SentriForce clients have come to rely upon the information and evidence that our surveillance footage provides.

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Client Testimonial

I am the Secretary / Treasurer for our neighborhood HOA. We've recently installed a security camera service (using SentriForce) within our community to address some ongoing criminal activity. It has now been over 6 months and a review is overdue. Our setup that we went with, employs 4 cameras pointing in different directions (and an additional license plate reader) at the only entrance to our community. Our main problem was that organized thieves were stealing truck rims at random from our residence. Additionally, there were smaller items of theft like cars being broken into at night. Well, I'd like to report that these activities have halted all together! But how do I know that this is not just a coincidence? On the Next-door App, we see the continued activity of these crimes being reported in the neighborhoods next to us and around the corner. In fact, the reports are that these activities are intensifying! Not here though, because we have every vehicle on camera with a license plate reader that gives us the ability to report any and all activity. I also want to say that our service is outstanding from the staff behind the scenes. When I report an incident, I get a video with the report per the description of the incident that has highlights and zooms to help the viewer notice the activity in question. This was unexpected to the degree of technology. We are Very impressed with the staff and the cameras ability (along with the toggling red and blue lights) to detour crime away from our community.

As a result, I Highly recommend that each community consider using this company and its expertise with camera surveillance and deterrence. It's well worth the small amount you will pay versus employing officers or the loss of property. The peace of mind is "PRICELESS".

- Jerry Casner Secretary / Treasurer

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