Construction Site Surveillance Austin, Texas

Increase the efficiency and safety of your Austin construction site with remote construction site monitoring from SentriForce. The use of equipment like construction security cameras will help amplify site surveillance and increase security overall.

Our surveillance systems allow you to keep your construction site secure against potential threats, easily monitor projects and deliveries, and have foolproof documentation of workplace incidents to optimize your jobsite management via construction security cameras.

Since using SentriForce on July 3, 2020, “... we’ve not had a single person just continue to come into the site or try to steal anything or anything like that.”

- Jonathan Stark, Harvey Builders

SentriForce strives to provide high-quality construction site surveillance in Austin, Texas with live video monitoring, system health management, remote monitoring through construction security cameras, and effective project management. Our goal and passion is to make your life easier while minimizing threats and damages to your construction site in Austin.

The SentriForce Difference

With our remote video surveillance and property management systems, you spend less time traveling between worksites, can check on deliveries, and have complete visibility of your construction site on the go. All you have to do is manage your property; we’ll take care of the surveillance, giving you peace of mind.

SentriForce has spent 15 years in the industry perfecting our “Video as a Service” approach. This service includes system health monitoring, industry-leading equipment (construction security cameras), live video monitoring monitored by certified Central Station personnel, and rapid forensic video review.


Whether you need comprehensive coverage for an entire jobsite or need a few construction security cameras to cover isolated, high-value locations, we offer affordable solutions to any size site that are flexible as your needs change and grow.


Our systems answer any and all of your “What, when and how” questions when an incident occurs. We’ve perfected the “Video as a Service” approach through 15 years of industry experience, providing protection and insight to every kind of business.

Our remote video surveillance in Austin, Texas doesn’t just help reduce loss, but it helps make your project management even easier. With an easy-to-use app that gives you a live video feed of your construction site, you can manage multiple sites from wherever you are. You don’t have to travel back and forth between sites to check on deliveries, workers, or job progress.

With our remote construction site monitoring in Austin, you can analyze workflow and discover roadblocks so you can fix the problem right away, increasing productivity. It allows you to quickly make essential decisions based on real-time data without even being at the site.

Live Video Monitoring

The live video monitoring offered with SentriForce’s remote video surveillance systems is a force multiplier to help reduce workplace incidents, theft, and illegal activity. With 24/7 live video monitored via construction security camera systems, you’ll always have peace of mind for your jobsite. 

Heavy machinery, tools, and materials are vulnerable to theft and misuse. But with SentriForce’s industry-leading surveillance cameras, monitoring personnel licensed by the Department of Public Safety, and quickly deployed deterrence tactics, our surveillance systems spot threats fast to minimize loss. 

Live video monitoring for your construction site surveillance in Austin, Texas optimizes jobsite security. If a threat is ever detected by our monitoring personnel at our Central Station during monitored scheduled hours, flashing strobe lights, sirens, and audible warnings will be implemented. 

If this doesn’t stop the activity, you and local law enforcement will be notified. All activity is fully monitored and recorded, so you’ll know how, what, when, and where an incident occurred.

Health & System Maintenance

SentriForce’s construction security camera and video systems are fully managed and equipped with embedded health monitoring. We’ll keep an eye on your system’s health so you don’t have to.

To have efficient construction site surveillance in Austin, Texas, your construction security camera systems must work properly. One downed camera can make the difference between catching criminal activity and not having the right documentation. 

Instead of taking time to do system health checks, let SentriForce handle it. We watch over the day-to-day performance of your surveillance system, so any issue is caught early on and remedied quickly. You’ll never be without working equipment, so everything is documented 24/7.

Risk Management

Even the most secure sites cannot monitor their workplaces 24/7 or ensure that all employees adhere to the correct safety standards. But SentriForce remote video surveillance in Austin, Texas makes it possible.

Severe injuries and criminal activity are common on construction sites. With scalable, remote construction site monitoring that fits any size area you need to cover, it’s easy to ensure that all safety standards are adhered to. Criminal activity is always recorded and deterred by construction security cameras, improving safety and minimizing loss.

Our construction security cameras are always on—so any incident that takes place will be recorded. Our forensic video investigation and retrieval team will pilfer through hours of footage and provide a written report, so you have the detailed documentation you need. SentriForce’s remote video surveillance in Austin saves you time, money, and frustration and keeps you from fines, delays, and lawsuits. 

With remote construction site monitoring in Austin, if criminal activity is spotted, deterrence tactics are implemented, and our Central Station personnel will dispatch local law enforcement to help minimize loss immediately. Our remote video surveillance systems also make it easy to catch potential hazards and dangerous behavior before an incident occurs.



Construction Site Surveillance Austin, Texas - CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

I would highly recommend SentriForce over any of their competitors. I previously used the nation’s largest, construction-site-security-camera provider, and was dissatisfied for multiple reasons. SentriForce does not outsource to third-party vendors like a lot of their competitors and is competitively priced. I like the fact that they are U.S. owned, live monitor in the U.S., and the professionalism of the operators and management is unmatched.

— Curtis Kelly, Commercial General Contractor Superintendent

Within the past few months, our job site cameras were installed onsite. Every step of the way, from the day of the initial quotation and layout suggestions, to the day of installation was a smooth and painless experience. Not only is our job site more protected, but I can truthfully say that we also have a peace of mind knowing that we can call SentriForce with any needs and it will be taken care of promptly.

— Pat Melendez, Oracle City Homes Office Manager

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