License plate recognition cameras are vital to securing communities. They can provide you with license plate information, which is one of the best pieces of evidence when investigating a crime.

SENTRIFORCE license plate recognition cameras aid in the security of your neighborhood. 

As reported by the FBI: "In 2019, there were an estimated 6,925,677 property crime offenses in the nation." Less than 20% of property crimes are solved.


SentriForce’s dedicated true license plate capture cameras provide critical details about which vehicles enter and leave your property, and when.


License plate recognition cameras in a neighborhood give law enforcement an extra tool for investigating and resolving crimes.

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Neighborhood License Plate Recognition Orlando, FL

License plate recognition cameras, also known as LPR, are an excellent layer of security for HOAs and neighborhoods in Orlando, Florida.

They allow communities to capture and keep a record of vehicle license plates entering and exiting the premises. Whenever there is a crime in the community, the license plate recognition cameras can help provide the license plate information of the suspect.

LPRs can assist in reducing criminal activity in subdivisions, recovering the costs of damaged community assets, reducing potential liabilities, and providing local law enforcement with an additional tool in investigating and resolving crime.

The information on the license plate is a very important piece of evidence that can help the police a lot when they are looking into crimes.


Our license plate recognition camera solutions are not like typical cameras. We utilize dedicated LPR cameras that use a combination of high definition and special optical character recognition (OCR) to capture and identify license plates during the day or night.

With our license plate recognition solution, we become your dedicated video surveillance department. There is no equipment to buy, maintain, or repair.

Our license plate recognition surveillance systems are maintenance-free. We take responsibility for ensuring its effectiveness and reliability.

Whenever an incident occurs, our video investigation team is there to assist you in retrieving the needed video evidence at no additional costs.

Secure Your Neighborhood Tomorrow

Neighborhood Video Surveillance Security

Neighborhood License Plate Recognition Orlando, FL - Neighborhood Video Surveillance Security

You manage your property, we manage your surveillance. Our “Video as a Service” approach, developed over 15 years of industry experience, includes innovative equipment, local live monitoring, proactive system health monitoring, and rapid forensic video review.


Whether you need isolated coverage in one area, or comprehensive coverage, SentriForce has an affordable solution that remains flexible as your needs grow and change.


SentriForce’s “Video as a Service” plan gives you the evidence needed to answer your most important questions: who, when, and how.

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