Neighborhood Crime Deterrence Solutions in TAMPA, FL

Without a strong presence of security or crime deterrence, your property is at higher risk for criminal activity.

SENTRIFORCE video surveillance systems are crime deterrents that can help you protect your neighborhood.

Our video surveillance services go beyond simply recording video. 

HOA and NEighborhood SECURITY

We are your dedicated video surveillance department: There is no equipment to buy, maintain or repair.


Video surveillance in an neighborhood gives law enforcement an extra tool in investigating and resolving crimes.

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Neighborhood Crime Deterrence Tampa, FL

Crime Deterrent Solutions for Neighborhoods

SENTRIFORCE video surveillance systems acts as an incredible crime deterrent.

  • Installed in high-visibility areas, typically on 15 ft. poles at entrances and exits, and other areas of concern, to make it prevalent that the community is under professional security surveillance.
  • Designed and built with high-visibility strobe lights to increase its effectiveness in deterring criminals.
  • Made to intimidate criminals and capture important information.

Each neighborhood, whether large or small, can benefit from the use of video surveillance systems designed for criminal deterrence to help reduce unwanted activity in the community, provide solid evidence of damage to assets owned by the subdivision, or deliver key evidence in a law enforcement investigation.

Video surveillance is being installed in homeowner associations and neighborhoods across America for a variety of reasons, including helping to reduce criminal activity in their subdivision, recovering the costs of damaged community assets, reducing potential liabilities, and providing local law enforcement with an additional tool in investigations and resolving crime. 

Neighborhood crime deterrence can help in the overall community effort of reducing unwanted activity and delivering a general sense of "peace of mind" to the community members.

Secure Your Neighborhood Tomorrow

Neighborhood Video Surveillance Security

Neighborhood Crime Deterrence Tampa, FL - Neighborhood Video Surveillance Security

You manage your property, we manage your surveillance. Our “Video as a Service” approach, developed over 15 years of industry experience, includes innovative equipment, local live monitoring, proactive system health monitoring, and rapid forensic video review.


Whether you need isolated coverage in one area, or comprehensive coverage, SentriForce has an affordable solution that remains flexible as your needs grow and change.


SentriForce’s “Video as a Service” plan gives you the evidence needed to answer your most important questions: who, when, and how.

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