5 Steps to Help Protect Your Construction Site From Theft

May 2nd, 2022 | By SentriForce
5 Steps to Help Protect Your Construction Site From Theft

Protect Your Construction Site From Theft

5 Steps to Help Protect Your Construction Site From Theft

Construction sites are commonly targeted for criminal activities such as theft and vandalism, especially when it is left unmonitored or unmanned.

From stolen construction material to tampered heavy equipment, a construction project can be impacted in many ways causing project delays and increased expenses.

Failing to plan for construction theft and crime leaves you vulnerable to loss.

In this article, we want to share with you 5 steps to help protect your construction site from theft, because the last thing a project needs are more hiccups and delays that can affect the totality of the project.

Following these five steps will go a long way in helping you avoid becoming a victim of construction site theft.

1. Implement and Enforce Your Theft Prevention Policy

Your own employees, subcontractors, or laborers can be a threat to your construction project.

While we hope that everyone is working earnestly, the unfair truth is that you can have some bad apples.

It is important to implement and enforce your theft prevention policy.

In order for the theft prevention police to be effective, you must make sure it is well-heard and well-learned.

An employee will be likely to make better decisions and take these matters more seriously especially if there are consequences in place to deal with those that violate the policy.

2. Utilize Construction Security Systems

Construction projects are magnets for trespassers and intruders, especially after workers go home or when the property is inactive.

Common security systems like security guards, security cameras, and alarms can be helpful to deterring trespassers and intruders, but are becoming ineffective as the economy is experiencing a period of chaos.

SentriForce provides a simple, but intricate construction security system that works on the concept of motion detection on a property that should not have any activity, known as live video monitoring.

Any activity on the construction property is treated with the same series of active deterrence measures to engage potential suspects before they have a chance to harm your property.

When activity is detected on the construction property, SentriForce live video monitoring team is alerted of the activity.

Audible alarms and bilingual voice broadcast are remotely activated in an attempt to modify the intruder’s behavior.

Simultaneously, a police dispatcher is contacted to coordinate a response with local law enforcement officers to the suspicious activity.

SentriForce’s live video monitoring service can help construction companies prevent loss that could lead to delays in project completion time, loss of profits, and enormous frustration.

3. Store Equipment and Material

One of the first assessments you should take into account is “what do construction thieves look for or want?”.

While everything on a construction site can be considered at risk and essential, let’s focus on things that thieves will commonly take – Lumber, copper wire, metals, tools, large equipment, and catalytic converters.

These are the items that you want to do your best to secure in storage containers, hide from plain sight, or placed in an area that is difficult to reach.

Don’t set-up your construction jobsite to look like a buffet for thieves and criminals.

4. Use Fences and Illuminate Your Jobsite

Perimeter fences can help keep out any unwanted intruders and is an extra barrier for your unattended assets on the site.

Lighting on the construction project is important as it can illuminate the area. It can also work as a deterrence against potential thieves and criminals as they prefer to work in the darkness. The more light a project has, the better, as they do not want to risk being seen.

5. Utilize a Multi-Layered Security Plan

One of the best ways to protect your construction jobsite from theft is utilizing a multi-layered approach.

By implementing the last our steps simultaneously, you would have created a construction site security plan. While these four steps are simple, together they create a complex security system to fight and deter theft.

For more information about live video surveillance services or how to defend your construction site from theft, contact SentriForce.

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