Advanced Video Surveillance Security for Construction

January 20th, 2023 | By SentriForce

Advanced Video Surveillance Security for Construction

The latest camera technology isn’t enough to thwart criminal activity.

That’s why our INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEM is combined with LIVE VIDEO MONITORING to engage threats to cease criminal activity.

ADVANCED VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SECURITY designed to keep your assets safe and mitigate risk exposure on your construction property.

Theft On Construction Sites

Construction projects are complex because of the large number of interacting parts and interdependencies between them. When unaccounted events happen, the result can be devastating.

Theft on construction sites is a serious issue. A thief can come to the site and steal a truck’s worth of building materials, and cause thousands of dollars in damage and loss to the construction project and push back deadlines.

Construction Site Security with Live Video Monitoring

Construction sites are generally in isolated areas, and the open storage of building supplies makes them a target for theft. Investing in security measures can help prevent theft and damage on your construction site.

Live video monitoring is an cost-effective and highly successful security measure compared to hiring onsite guards.

Live video monitoring employs surveillance technology and a staff of professional trained security monitors to secure the property.

The video surveillance systems deployed are mobile and can be customized to meet the security challenges of any construction project.


When our intrusion detection system detects unauthorized activity, it alerts our live video monitoring station.

From here, our live video monitoring team is able to engage with the potential threats remotely with audible alarms and bilingual voice broadcasts to put potential threats on notice.

If the threat does not leave the property, the police is dispatched to the property.

Our team is trained to assess, identify, and respond to obvious criminal intent with the highest level of urgency to prevent or reduce further loss.

Our true value lies in preventing and deterring criminal activity on your property.

Getting them arrested is a plus.

For more information on construction site security services, contact SENTRIFORCE.

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