Apartment Community Altercation Results in Near Fatal Accident

March 9th, 2021 | By SentriForce

Apartment community altercation results in near fatal accident

Apartment Community in Houston, Texas – Video Investigation department received a request to review video footage regarding an altercation among several people and a female being shot in the leg.

Incident Description:

“On January 23, 2021, a potentially lethal altercation is about to unfold in this apartment community. A male individual in a red jacket is seen approaching the camera view. A female individual meets with him and they both leave the camera view. Shortly after, a group of individuals enter the camera view in a confrontational manner. Just before punches were thrown, a female suspect pulls out a fire-arm from her bag and becomes locked in a grapple with another female individual.

The 2 wrestled and fell back behind a gray vehicle. A few bystanders slowly advanced to their location. Shot(s) fired and a male individual was seen retrieving the fire-arm and then handing it off to the individual in a red jacket. More bystanders come to assist and separate the 2 females that were locked in wrestling, only to discover that one of the females has suffered a gunshot wound to the hip.

Later, an ambulance arrives at the scene and quickly tends to the victim with the gunshot wound. Local law enforcement arrived quickly after and were witnessed apprehending multiple suspects who were present at the time of altercation.”

This security footage was handed to the police to assist in the investigation. With this video evidence, law enforcement will be able to accurately identify and arrest the suspects involved.

Accurate and detailed video evidence is critical in the fight against crime and plays a vital role in the determination of Who, What, Where and When events happen.

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