Apartment community residents squabble in the parking lot

April 27th, 2020 | By SentriForce

Resident’s personal conflicts can sometimes spill outside of their homes and into the common areas of your communities.

These areas can be the laundry room, pool/playground area and in this case the parking lot.

And when these conflicts occur in public areas, it can draw other residents into the squabble and some might end up getting hurt.

Protect yourself and your residents with video footage that shows the entire incident and help avoid a “He said. She said.”

Your community needs third party accountability and documentation of the incident.

Managed video surveillance is your key to helping hold all parties accountable for their actions.

SentriForce offers affordable, customized video surveillance services for the multi-family industry.

Our systems are designed to deliver on the specific needs of each apartment community.

For more information about video surveillance services for your multifamily community, contact SentriForce.

Combining industry leading technology with our Texas-based and owned monitoring facility to help you and your team reduce loss and mitigate risk.

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