Apartment Gate Security Best Practices

July 28th, 2022 | By SentriForce
Apartment Gate Security Best Practices

There are a few key considerations when designing and implementing apartment gate security solutions.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to secure a gated community, what a controlled access gate is, how to avoid your gate becoming defective, and how to set up a secure gate.

Hopefully, by the end of this guide, you’ll better understand what you need to do to design and implement the best gate security system for your needs.


How do you secure a gated community?

The best apartment gate security solutions are completed by securing a gated community by controlling who can access the premises. We help communities achieve this by installing an access control system — the most common type is a gate that can only be opened and closed by people with authority to do so.

Not only do you need to choose the best gate security system for your needs. You need a properly installed, maintained, and monitored access control system to prevent trespassers and keep records of those coming and going. This ensures your community stays safe and will reduce the occurrence of crime.


What is a controlled access gate?

When implementing gate access control systems for an apartment building or complex, main apartment gate security solutions like installing a security gate remain the most popular. The ability to open and close is granted to residents and other people with legitimate rights to access the complex through key cards, tags, keys, codes, smartphone apps, and human security. This makes controlled access gates the best gate security system for many apartment complex owners and managers.

Controlled gate access is one of the most popular apartment gate security solutions because it provides an additional barrier for trespassers. Of course, trespassers can sometimes climb gates, unwanted guests can tailgate, or people can circumvent the security system in other ways. However, a gate will drastically reduce trespassing.

Security gates also limit which vehicles can access the parking space in the apartment complex. When trespassers breach a security gate, security teams or the police can be mobilized to remove the offending vehicle or person from your apartment building.

Even if they are not caught, video footage that monitors your entrance security system can be used to identify the offenders after the fact.


Why are apartment gates always broken?

Access control systems for apartment complexes are prone to breaking, mainly due to heavy use. Hundreds of people can sometimes come and go every day, depending on the size of your complex.

Its components will gradually stop working like any other system that gets used heavily. When it comes to security gates, this can be the physical components of the gate, the electrical components within the gate, or a range of other issues arising.

The best way to stop this is to have a regular maintenance program for your security gates. Many security companies offer maintenance services whereby they’ll come and inspect your entrance gate security. They’ll do the necessary repairs, so the system doesn’t fail, and controlled access remains one of your most effective apartment gate security solutions.


How to have a secure gate

If you want a gate to be one of your apartment gate security solutions, you’ll want to choose the best gate security system.  To do so, securely install any of the following features:

  • Main gate security
  • Entrance gate security
  • Sliding gates
  • Swing gates
  • Gate intercom systems
  • Camera systems for live video monitoring
  • Gate access control systems

There are two main types of apartment gate security solutions: pedestrian access control gates and vehicle access control gates. These secure gate types have many variations, which we will briefly explain below.

1. Pedestrian access control gates

If your apartment complex is accessed by residents and visitors on foot, you’ll need pedestrian access control gates as a part of your apartment gate security solutions. These types of gates are opened by:

  • Using swipe cards
  • Keypads to enter codes
  • Intercoms to give access remotely
  • RFID (radio frequency identification) tags and cards
  • Smartphone access systems

Once a resident uses their card, phone, code, or tag, the door opens up, and they can enter the complex.

When leaving the complex, there is usually a button to press that opens the door from the other side. Most apartment access control gates also have security cameras operating to monitor breaches and notify the appropriate authorities.

These live video monitoring systems enhance apartment gate security solutions by providing detailed footage of the property. If you weren’t there to witness a crime, security cameras could provide the footage necessary to identify the perpetrator.

Law enforcement officers believe video surveillance is one of the most preventative apartment gate security solutions as well. When perpetrators are scoping an area out for things like robbery and theft, a camera they cannot disable will discourage them from committing the crime.

2. Vehicle access control gates

If your apartment complex has a parking garage or space for residents, a gate can be installed to limit which vehicles (and drivers) can access it. This stops unauthorized access, which in turn increases the safety of the apartment complex residents.

Vehicle security gates come in many different styles, from gates that roll up to ones that open sideways. The type you choose will depend on the specifications of your apartment building. You also have many options for how the gate is opened by residents such as swipe cards, tags, codes, smartphones, and intercoms.

Additional security can be provided for your apartment building’s vehicle entrance by installing cameras and license plate scanners that automatically monitor the license plates entering and exiting the building. If any crimes occur, this information can be provided to the police.


Are you thinking about updating your apartment gate security solutions?

Sentriforce has a proud track record as the provider of the top apartment gate security solutions to thousands of happy customers in Texas and Florida. We work with our clients to undertake a thorough risk assessment and then design and implement industry-leading apartment gate security solutions. If you’d like to make your apartment building more secure, please get in touch with the team today.

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