Attempted Murder; but an uncooperative victim - Apartment Community

August 19th, 2020 | By SentriForce

Attempted Murder On Video

In this incident, an individual in orange shorts -our victim- is observed being the target of an attempted murder by 2 masked suspects in an apartment community.

The individual is seen walking on the property towards the gates of the community.

As the individual steps outside the property, he raises his hands to show that he is unarmed.

During a conversation with unseen individuals off-property, a gun shot was fired in the direction of the intended victim, striking a nearby bush.

As the victim sprints and flees into the community in an attempt to evade the shooters, while more gun shots are seen ricocheting off the concrete driveway.

The shooters briefly gave chase into the community then exited in their getaway vehicle.

Law enforcement was observed driving through the property later and while the intended victim is seen in the area of the shooting, he makes no attempt to stop the officers and disclose what happened.  

Was our victim too afraid or was he complicit in prior activities?  Regardless, the shootings put many other community residences in harm’s way.

Without definitive information, law enforcement cannot effectively investigate incidents, identify victims, or potential suspects.

SentriForce has handed this footage to law enforcement to aid them in their investigation.

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