Construction Material Theft Gone Wrong

November 18th, 2020 | By SentriForce

Live Video Monitoring Stops Construction Material Theft

In this incident, 2 unlucky suspects attempt construction material theft on the wrong construction site.

SentriForce Central Station actively engaged the suspects causing them to leave in a hurry.

While the construction thieves were hastily exiting, the construction material falls out of their vehicle.

Before the thieves can attempt to pick up the stolen goods, the local law enforcement that was dispatched earlier by SentriForce arrives at the scene.

Incident Description:

On 11/16/2020 at approximately 3:26 A.M, thieves decided to target a construction property.

Audible alarms were enabled, however the suspects drove further into the property and were observed stealing construction materials.

Little did they know, local law enforcement was immediately dispatched to their location.

As the thieves make their way out with the stolen goods, something goes wrong with their escape plan.

The stolen goods fall out of the truck bed and onto the road.

Luckily, these thieves care about road safety and decide to pick up after themselves.

Just as the thieves were about to pick up the stolen goods on the road, an unexpected guest arrives at the scene.

Crime prevention is an investment paid back in the form of loss prevention or shrinkage.

A police officer was observed making contact with the suspects.

The police officer immediately starts his investigation.
How will the thieves get out of this predicament?

Especially, when there is a live video surveillance monitoring team watching their every move.

End of Incident Description.

Lack of Guardianship

Unlike average burglaries and theft that occur in residential homes and commercial properties, it is much harder to recover losses for construction properties. Construction sites are transitional by nature and at each stage there are different materials that are needed. With every stage, different criminal opportunities are created because there are points in time where the material is left unattended and unaccounted for. As you know, criminals target more than just construction materials… you can lose tools and even heavy machinery. All which have a direct impact on your project’s bottom line.

Construction sites are generally targeted because of the lack of guardianship. When the sun is gone, light is scarce, and workers are no longer on the property, criminals are hunting for their next score. So, don’t leave your construction site unattended and don’t leave yourself vulnerable to risk.

These tips are not guaranteed to prevent your construction project from being a victim of criminal activities, but it can greatly deter it.

Loss of construction materials, equipment, or machinery will cause financial hardship, but also delay the project completion date.

For more information on Managed Video Surveillance as a Service and how it can help your construction site, commercial and retail properties, contact SentriForce.

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