What's the Best Apartment Security System?

March 16th, 2022 | By SentriForce
What's the Best Apartment Security System?

Your security system is not just a way to keep track of what is happening around your area; it is also a strong deterrent to miscreants. At the same time, it is extremely helpful in collecting evidence if a crime does occur.

However, traditional security systems don’t match up to the requirements of the modern age. Communities can’t deal with maintenance, video data retrieval, and investigation fully. Contacting third-party services is time-consuming and expensive.

This is why the best apartment security system solutions are not just about the latest cameras and recording devices. They are also about providing valuable service to the community and allowing property managers to focus on what they do best, instead of spending time maintaining the video surveillance system. Managed video surveillance systems do just that.

So if you are interested in learning more about the latest and the best type of security system for your apartment community, continue reading.


What is a Managed Video Surveillance System?

A managed video surveillance system, as the name suggests, is a top-of-the-line security system that is packaged as a complete turnkey solution. The service provider handles everything from installation to maintenance.

Furthermore, the security company also provides services for video retrieval and investigation. This makes it the best apartment security system for a completely hassle-free experience that gives you complete peace of mind.

These are essential services because they provide fail-safes for deterring crime or bringing criminals to justice if a crime occurs.

With a dedicated service provider, apartment communities and complexes are free to install and forget about the system. The company takes care of everything and thus ensures top-notch security performance at all times.

Best Apartment Security Systems


Why is Video Retrieval And Investigation Service Necessary?

When a crime happens, it is important to retrieve the relevant information from the video data gathered quickly. However, this is not a job for just anyone. Sifting through a massive amount of video footage to find the right segments and parts requires professional expertise.

A video retrieval and investigation service are essential for this very reason. It makes sure that all your information is gathered quickly, accurately, and efficiently. This way, law enforcement can perform their duties without a hitch.

The service also ensures a complete chain of custody maintenance, which is very important for such cases.


Why Is Chain Of Custody Important?

Chain of custody essentially means keeping a record of the path the video evidence takes till it reaches the court. This proves to the court that the video evidence has been appropriately handled. You’ll know there has been no tampering or editing of the footage, and it is presented as is, without any alterations.

In the absence of a provable chain of custody, this evidence becomes virtually useless when trying to prove your case in court.

The chain of custody process includes all the steps involved in the collection, analysis, storage, and packaging of the video. This is thus best handled by professionals who are trained for and dedicated to this job.

With security cameras analysis systems in apartment complexes, you get the advantage directly through your security company. You no longer have to go through the hassle of finding a third party to do your investigation for you.

Since the company is already familiar with the system, the process becomes smoother and more effective.


How Is the System Setup and Installed?

The security company will visit your apartment complex or community for a survey. Security surveillance experts will measure and analyze the amount of coverage required. Camera types and their specific locations and covered areas are all considered.

Once this process is complete and the quotation gets signed off on, the company takes care of the installation from start to finish. Since this is a managed system, this kind of home security for apartments takes away all the headaches from the process.

Best Apartment Security Systems


What Sets This System Apart From Older CCTV Systems?

The main advantage here is the hands-off approach. The apartment owners are not required to maintain and take care of any equipment. They are constantly guided and advised by security experts when going through the planning and installation phase.

Maintenance, video retrieval, etc., are wholly managed by the security company. So the risk of errors and security gaps due to lack of coverage is greatly minimized. These systems are also updated by the company regularly. Digital components always have the latest firmware, and new installations have access to new equipment with all the latest innovations.

Thanks to the best new security cameras and associated digital analysis technologies, you can capture rear license plates of vehicles with License Plate Recognition cameras and have high visibility in low light conditions.


Maintaining Your Security System

Having visible security cameras is the first step to deter crime. But it is also vital to ensure that the equipment is always functional. A managed system is the best apartment security system because you don’t have to maintain it.

Apartment owners are not required to lift a finger, and all the work is done by the security company and their service providers. Through regular systems performance checks, the company ensures a fully operational system at all times with complete expert oversight.

These systems are not provided for individual apartments but are instead for outside the buildings for the largest possible amount of coverage.

For more information, contact your security service provider, who will be able to guide you towards the best combination for your unique needs.

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