From 'Breaking and Entering' to 'Caught and Arrested'

October 13th, 2022 | By SentriForce

Retail Property Breaking and Entering Incident

HOUSTON, TX – On 10/9/22 at 11:27pm, SENTRIFORCE’s live video monitoring system detected two suspects trespass into the back of a retail property with an unknown tool. SENTRIFORCE quickly engaged audible alarms on the two suspicious individuals, but they remained on the property. As SENTRIFORCE was contacting the Houston Police Department Dispatch, sparks were flying in front of the gray door.

Because of real-time video feed, local police officers were quickly dispatched to the location.

The suspects were unaware of the quick police response and were caught in an unfavorable situation.

Police arrived at the retail property and arrested them on site.police arrest suspect after attempted breaking and entering

Video Security Services for Retail Properties

If you own or manage a retail center of any size, you are familiar with the headaches of illegal dumping, graffiti, vagrancy and homelessness, theft of air-conditioning units (yes, on the roofs!), theft of copper lines, damaged tenant utilities connections, auto break-ins, and other crimes that cost you money. Tenant occupancy, retention, and happiness are critical to the smooth operation of a retail center.

Homeless, transients, and vagrants

While they may appear to be a nuisance, removing them from your property is critical to the safety and security of your tenants. When your center is unoccupied, the SentriForce systems can work in real-time, allowing us to live-video monitor these activities as they occur and help prevent potentially dangerous situations by using loud sirens and strobe lights, making it uncomfortable for them to linger.

Graffiti and Vandalism

The key is to prevent this type of criminal activity from occurring, as it is difficult to trace and determine who damaged your property. These individuals can be apprehended before causing property damage by using a monitored video surveillance system with loud sirens and strobe lights. If they don’t leave, the SentriForce Dispatch team can notify local authorities.

Theft After-Hours

Any video surveillance system installed in a shopping center must protect your facilities and equipment. Theft of air conditioning units, as well as theft and damage to utility services, can result in massive expenses for the owner and many days of tenant dissatisfaction. SentriForce can provide the necessary evidence to prosecute those individuals with our video investigation retrieval team at your side, in addition to activating sirens and lights and dispatching local law enforcement, at no additional cost.


SENTRIFORCE’s video surveillance systems installed in your retail center are fully managed, and system health and maintenance are included to ensure that they perform when you need them. Contact SENTRIFORCE for a free security assessment to reduce loss today.

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