But I really want to come to the party! - Apartment Community Incident

June 19th, 2020 | By SentriForce

In this video, an unauthorized visitor attempts to gain entry into an apartment community.
The suspect parks in front of the entry gate, climbs the fence into the apartment community, and looks for a way to open the gate.
Unable to come up with a solution, the suspect returns to the car and notices a vehicle leaving out the exit gate.
The suspect races to the other side to beat the closing exit gate, but instead causes property damage.
The exit gate of the apartment community is now broken.
The suspect’s following action of walking around again and then departing, leave us speechless.

What is worse than damage to your property?
Property damage with no clue to how it happened and who did it.
The average gate repair is close to $500! Straight off your bottom line.
Security video surveillance is an essential tool for all apartment communities.
It provides a critical layer for safety and security by documenting all activity and events that take place in a particular area.

Apartment communities are prime targets for various criminal activities such as trespassing, property damage, gate hits, illegal dumping, vehicle break-ins and burglary.
Video surveillance gives you an edge and the opportunity to take action to reduce or mitigate loss.

At SentriForce, we combine industry leading technology with our Texas based, professional video retrieval team to help you when you need us.
Our service includes equipment, maintenance, and forensic reviews.
Whether you require proof of damaged or misused assets, important footage for law enforcement, or you need us to be your eyes when you can’t see, SentriForce is there for you.
For more information about managed video surveillance for your apartment community, contact SentriForce today.

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