Can you use the principles and concepts of Crime Prevention

April 14th, 2020 | By SentriForce
Can you use the principles and concepts of Crime Prevention


A construction site, with the leadership of the General Contractor (GC) can help reduce the opportunity for asset loss and help mitigate risk on their job sites with a few target steps.

One of the first things a GC can do in a program of CPTED, is to ensure that their construction site has adequate lighting on the job site.

Wacker Neuson_LTV light tower

Lighting on a job site has two purposes within the CPTED model.
It is used for the general illumination of human activity and for security.


The criminal element relies on the cover of darkness to conduct their business and are less apt to continue with their deed when a construction site has good general lighting.
The lighting can be best utilized and focused around the areas of primary concern for the GC, namely entry and exit points, construction trailers, storage boxes and material laydown areas.
Temporary lighting can be set up by the GC’s contracted electrician or if needed, rented lighting trailers, either generator or solar based.


A secondary to this benefit, lighting often helps in the observation of these individuals in case the property has video surveillance deployed at part of their asset protection and risk mitigation program.
While many cameras function in low light conditions, most require some level of lighting and many can’t see at all without adequate lighting.


SentriForce utilizes thermal imaging technology on our mobile video surveillance units because the fact is many construction sites have little to no lighting.  We can see where others cannot.

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