Concrete mixer trailer falls over into the street

April 17th, 2020 | By SentriForce

Probably not going to get the deposit back from the tool rental facility.

A truck is seen pulling a concrete mixer trailer out of the construction property.
The driver makes a right turn and accelerated too quickly causing the concrete mixer trailer to tip over, fall onto the street and dragged for several yards.

Luckily, the damages and accidents ended there and no other parties were involved.
The superintendent received this video footage for documentation purposes and held the appropriate individuals liable.

Each day, tools and heavy equipment are at risk and vulnerable to misuse and negligence.
Which is why it is important to use construction asset management practices.
Employing the best practices to monitor your assets can help reduce expenses to your wallet and your budget.

Consider SentriForce to help reduce loss and mitigate risk at your construction site.

SentriForce provides construction site surveillance and live monitoring with active deterrence and intervention at an affordable monthly cost.
Heavy equipment, tools, parked vehicles, and raw materials are vulnerable to theft at construction sites.

For more information on video surveillance and live monitoring for construction sites, please contact SentriForce for more information.
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