Construction Security System

March 14th, 2022 | By SentriForce

Construction Security System

In this video, a suspect attempted to break and enter into a construction mobile office, but failed due to the construction security system.

On 2/13/22 (Sunday) at 3:50pm, SentriForce live video monitoring center was alerted of unauthorized activity by a suspicious individual looking around and underneath an office trailer. While the live video monitoring team observed the suspect, the point of contact for the construction project was called to authorized the activity. The point of contact stated that there should not be any activity on site. The live video monitoring team proceeded to engage audible alarms and the suspect abruptly stops what they are doing and exits the site.

Secure Your Construction Project with Live Video Monitoring Security System

Live video surveillance is a major component of an overall plan to optimize the security outcome on your project.

While traditional camera systems are able to observe and record footage, they cannot dissuade or modify a suspect’s behavior.

The best security systems are designed to deter criminals and prevent loss, not to observe it.

The SentriForce construction security system combines leading edge surveillance technology and live video monitoring to respond to the various construction site challenges.

SentriForce security systems are equipped with high-visibility strobe lights and voice broadcast to increase its effectiveness in deterring criminals.

If a trespasser does not exit the construction project when loud audible sirens and voice broad cast is engaged, SentriForce live video monitoring team will dispatch local law enforcement immediately.

Smart and Effective Security

Implementing a smart and effective security system will help reduce your risk for equipment and material theft, but most security systems can be quite expensive and beyond the budget.

Fortunately, SentriForce construction security systems and solutions are budget-friendly and cost a fraction compared to traditional security solutions.

For more information on construction security systems and live video monitoring solutions, contact SentriForce.

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