Construction Site - Deterring Crime

June 22nd, 2020 | By SentriForce

Deterring Crime

Construction sites are commonly targeted for criminal activities such as theft and vandalism.

Regardless of the activity, it all begins with trespassing.

That is why SentriForce owns a Texas based, fully licensed monitoring security center with trained personnel teams, diligently monitoring all of our client’s property for any suspicious activity. 

Criminals hate attention. This is why our systems are developed with a blaringly loud audible siren and strobe lights, to acknowledge the illegal activity and ensure they know we are watching the property.

For the very few criminals that do not flee, we dispatch local law enforcements to properly deal with them.  In fact, most of the activity we observe does not end in an arrest.

Mainly because, when the sirens are activated, the suspects are likely to immediately leave the property.

With every incident, we take great pride in being able to deter and prevent potential criminal activity, even if it did not end with an arrest, because It is still a major win in the fight against crime.

For more information about video surveillance and live video monitoring services for your construction site, contact SentriForce.

Combining industry leading technology with our Texas-based and owned monitoring facility to help you and your team reduce loss and mitigate risk.

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