Construction Site Security

March 9th, 2022 | By SentriForce

Construction Site Security

Houston, TX – Thieves Arrested on Construction Site

In this video, an unauthorized vehicle enters onto private construction property. SentriForce live video monitoring team is alerted of the activity and immediately engages alarms and dispatches local law enforcement officers.

Minutes later, law enforcement officers arrived at the construction property and caught the suspects stealing material from the construction site.

The thieves were apprehended, handcuffed, and detained for further questioning.

Construction Security Systems

Construction projects are magnets for trespassers and intruders, especially after the workers go home or when the property is inactive.

Common security systems like security guards, security cameras, and alarms can be helpful to deterring trespassers and intruders, but are becoming ineffective as the economy is experiencing a period of chaos.

SentriForce provides a simple, but intricate construction security system that works on the concept of motion detection on a property that should not have any activity.

Any activity on the construction property is treated with the same series of active deterrence measures to engage potential suspects before they have a chance to harm your property.

When activity is detected on the construction property, SentriForce live video monitoring team is alerted of the activity.

Audible alarms and bilingual voice broadcast are remotely activated in an attempt to modify the intruder’s behavior.

Simultaneously, a police dispatcher is contacted to coordinate a response with local law enforcement officers to the suspicious activity.

SentriForce’s construction site system and solution can help construction companies prevent loss that could lead to delays in project completion time, loss of profits, and enormous frustration.

Construction Crime Deterrence

While SentriForce construction site security camera systems are specifically designed to respond to the various construction site security challenges, the best way to combat construction crime is preventing it.

SentriForce security systems are outfitted with high-visibility strobe lights, audible alarms, and bi-lingual voice broadcast to increase its efficiency in deterring criminals.

For more information on construction site security and live video monitoring, contact SentriForce.

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