Construction Site Trespasser Builds a Fort From Pallets

April 29th, 2021 | By SentriForce


Construction site trespassers typically have much more sinister things in mind, but this trespasser just wanted to build a fort. Unfortunately for him, this isn’t his property to build a fort on. Police officers arrived on the scene, interrogated the trespasser, and removed him from the construction property.

Incident Description:

On April 25, 2021 at 3:19 A.M., SentriForce Monitoring Center detected an individual trespassing onto a construction property.

Audible alarms were enabled, but the trespasser refused to leave the property.

The trespasser was observed setting up pallets to create a fort.

During this time, the construction site client was immediately reached and made aware of the situation as police were dispatched to the site.

Not long after just as the fort was coming to a completion, police officers arrived at the scene.

Lights were shined at the fort, but it seems the trespassing fort builder has quickly hid and taken residency inside his new humble abode.

Police officers proceeded to storm the castle and captured the would-be king.

The trespasser was interrogated and removed from the property.

Not all trespassers want to build forts.

What will you do when trespassers are on your property?

End of Incident Description.

How to Prevent Trespassers on your Construction Property?

1.Warning Signage and No Trespassing Signs

This won’t prevent trespassers with malicious intent, but will stop most civilians from wandering or cutting through your construction property. A trespasser who suffers an accident on your construction property can hold you liable for negligence and poor construction site safety practices.

2. Perimeter Fence and Lights

Construction sites should make it critical to have temporary fencing placed all around the construction property until completion. This will make it harder for trespassers to get in and reduce criminal activity overall due to the reduced vision for outsiders to spot desirable items.

3. Live Video Monitoring

There are no guaranteed measures that can prevent trespassers, therefore it is important to have an additional security measure that can engage with potential threats if an incident occurs. 

Live Video Monitoring can detect trespassers, engage audible alarms, and dispatch local law enforcements to the property.

Live Video Monitoring keeps your property underwatch while you are off-property giving you peace of mind.

For more information about managed video surveillance for your construction project or jobsite, contact SentriForce today.

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