Construction Thief Arrested by Live Video Surveillance

July 14th, 2021 | By SentriForce

Live Video Surveillance Security Leads to Construction Thief Arrest

Construction Thief Arrested by Live Video Surveillance

In this video, a thief attempted to steal buckets of paint from a construction project, but ultimately gets arrested thanks to live video surveillance. The thief was unaware that the visually obvious surveillance cameras did more than just record footage. While the thief committed their criminal act, SentriForce surveillance monitoring personnel dispatched local law enforcement while reporting real-time updates of the suspect’s location and activity. In the end, the criminal was arrested outside of camera view, the stolen construction materials were returned, and the construction project manager can press criminal charges.

  • Incident description

On 7/12/2021 at approximately 12:54am an individual walked into the camera and squeezed through the access gate to enter the property. Audible alarms were enabled, however the individual began to grab materials from the property. Police were dispatched to the site as the individual began to load the materials into a vehicle on the side of the property. Shortly after, the individual entered into the vehicle and drove out of camera view. The officers that arrived around 1:03am searched the area and eventually made contact with a suspect out of camera view. An arrest was made shortly after.

  • End of Incident description
Live Video Monitoring Security Technology

In today’s age, criminals are brazen enough to ignore the presence of security cameras as they know that most cameras can not capture enough details for identification. Criminals can also wear additional clothing and cover to hide any distinguishable features. However, they are unaware that live video monitoring technology exists and that law enforcement can be dispatched to their location with real-time updates of location and activity.

By utilizing newer security technology on your construction project, you will be able to more effectively prevent or reduce criminal activity, such as theft and vandalism by staying ahead of typical criminal behavior.

Live Video Monitoring

Security is not only effective in combating criminal activity, but is more cost-effective than typical security solutions. Live video monitoring security is one of the best ways to protect your construction project or property, all while costing only a fraction of typical security solutions, like onsite security guards or owning and managing your own security surveillance system.

SentriForce is dedicated to delivering peace of mind through construction site live video monitoring.

Our Live Monitored Video camera systems along with our local-based Central Station for remote monitoring are specifically designed to respond to the various construction site security challenges.

We combine industry leading technology with our local-based and owned monitoring facility to help you and your team minimize risk and protect your assets against threats and damages.

For more information about managed video surveillance for your construction project or jobsite, contact SentriForce today.

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