Construction Trespasser Calls Bluff and Loses

March 3rd, 2022 | By SentriForce

Construction Trespasser Calls Bluff and Loses

Police Officer Removes Trespasser from Construction Jobsite

San Antonio, TX –

On 03/03/2022 at 4:21AM, a white in color Chevrolet pick-up truck that was observed driving into a private construction property. The vehicle is witness parking in between 2 mobile minis.

The SentriForce Central Station was alerted of the unauthorized activity and engaged audible alarms and bilingual voice broadcast. Upon hearing the blaring sounds of the alarms, the vehicle removed itself from the property.

The same vehicle is witness again entering the private construction property without authorization and parking between the mobile minis.

The SentriForce Central Station engaged the audible alarms, but the vehicle remained on the construction site.

Local law enforcement was immediately dispatched to the construction project location.

Police arrived and escorted the truck off of the property.


Protect your Jobsite from Trespassers

Lumber prices continues to push for new highs in 2022.

As lumber prices increase, so will the rate of criminal activities on construction projects.

Most of the criminal activities will be caused by individuals trespassing onto the construction property. To protect your assets and mitigate risk, you will need to use solutions that deter and stop your jobsite from being trespassed by would-be criminals. Utilizing temporary fencing as a perimeter defense can help deter criminals and distinctly display off-limit property. Installing warning signs and additional lighting can also help discourage criminals from targeting your property, as a well-lit and illuminated property creates the disadvantage of being seen and noticed. Criminals may even assume that workers are still on-site if the property is well illuminated.

Complete your site security plan with live video monitoring, as this type of service gives you a team of surveillance personnel watching your construction property closely for unauthorized activity. Typically, live video monitoring is equipped to engage potential threats on your property by remotely engaging alarms, and if necessary, dispatch local law enforcements to stop committed criminal behaviors.

Having the right systems in place can protect you against construction site break-ins, vandalism, and other crimes, saving you time, money, and frustration.

For more information about live video monitoring for your construction project or jobsite, contact SentriForce today.

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