Cost of Different Security Options for Construction Projects

September 13th, 2021 | By SentriForce
Cost of Different Security Options for Construction Projects

Cost of different security options for construction projects.

Safety and security is obviously important, especially on construction projects.

It is also important that you are receiving the right security for your project needs and problems. It makes no sense to spend hundreds of dollars an hour for armed security guards to patrol a stack of construction lumber or to use a $100 door camera with communication capabilities to remove trespassers on your project.

Having the right systems in place to protect your construction project against theft, vandalism, and other crime, will save you time, money, and frustration.

In this article, we hope to provide an overview of different security options and the general cost expectations that come with it as well as the potential results it can yield.

Temporary construction fences

Perimeter fences can help keep out any unwanted intruders and is an extra barrier for your unattended assets on the site. Depending on the type and quality of the temporary fencing will drastically affect the cost.

Temporary fencing that is 6 feet high may cost between $5 to $10 per linear foot. There will be additional costs with required materials and labor or optional add-ons. 

The costs can vary dramatically depending on the type of fence you opt for and project size you have.

Job Site Lighting – 

Lighting on the construction project is important as it can illuminate the area. It can also work as a deterrence against potential thieves and criminals as they prefer to work in the darkness. The more light a project has, the better, as they do not want to risk being seen.

The costs of lights can vary depending on the type of lights used, the quantity of lights you want, where it is installed, and how long they stay on for. A 4000 Watt LED Light cart can cost approximately $400 a month.

Security Officers –

“The average cost of hiring a security guard can be between $15 to over $100 per hour, depending on your needs.”

That is a pretty wide range, but we can safely assume that armed security officers are on the higher end of this range. It would be nice to have armed guards on your project securing every asset around the clock, but for construction projects it is overkill. Sometimes.

Human security guards provide a physical presence on your site and that can be a very effective visual deterrent for opportunistic thieves and vandals looking for an easy target.

The number of security guards required is dependent on the size of the project, layout, and assets. The cost of security guards will also be heavily influenced by the type and quality of security you need and the amount of hours you require them on your project.

Security Cameras Systems

The average cost of security cameras can cost between $100 to $450 each, not including set-up and installation labor. The price of security cameras is dependent on the type, quality, and technology it has.

Security camera systems nowadays have many uses and are capable of so much, like motion detection, email and text updates, and night vision.

Security camera systems can act as a crime deterrent and provide supporting video evidence if a crime does occur.

Managed Video Surveillance – 

Security cameras are great, but do you know what is better than owning a security camera system? Renting one!

The idea of renting video surveillance systems is still a bit foreign to many, which is unfortunate because the existence of better technology and alternative cost-effective solutions than security guards and security cameras is overlooked.

Managed video surveillance systems blend technology and human intelligence to accurately detect threats allowing the surveillance team to intervene through remotely triggered sirens and flashing strobe lights. Law enforcement is also dispatched if the threat remains.

While we can not provide a ‘true cost’ to ‘managed video surveillance’, we can assure you it is more affordable than employing security guards or purchasing a security camera system.

For more information about managed video surveillance for your construction project or jobsite, contact SentriForce today.

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