Video Surveillance Systems: Theft Deterrent And Crime Prevention in Houston

November 24th, 2021 | By SentriForce
Video Surveillance Systems: Theft Deterrent And Crime Prevention in Houston

Do you own a commercial property or have a construction business in Houston, TX? If so, you’ve probably already had loved ones or other industry professionals bring up the importance of taking crime prevention measures. While the concern and unsolicited advice might be starting to feel redundant, you could find yourself wishing you had paid more attention to the warnings.

Houston theft prevention is no longer just a novelty for those with extra money to spare. Gone are the days of basic deterrents like CCTV and security guards being enough. Thankfully, Sentriforce provides preemptive measures to help protect your property and give you peace of mind.

Learn more about how SentriForce video surveillance systems are helping businesses and residential communities deter crime in Houston, TX.

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Houston’s Climbing Crime Rates

Property crime no longer fits into the stereotype of years past. Instead, it’s evolved and has seeped into the nooks of commercial and residential communities. As a result, criminal activity is abundant, and theft and vandalism affect everything from construction sites to apartment complexes.

In 2020, those living in Houston had a 1 in 22 chance of becoming property crime statistics. Overall, the combined property crime and violent crime statistics in this area is 117 percent higher than the national average.

Even more alarming, compared to the previous years, 2021 proves that violent crimes are showing no signs of trending downward. On the contrary, homicide, sexual assault, and aggravated assault have all occurred in greater numbers.

LexisNexis’ Community Crime Map provides in-depth information about local crime. Unfortunately, the stark reality is that there is widespread danger within our city. That’s why commercial property owners, local businesses, and homeowner associations must increase their efforts to prevent crime in Houston, TX.


Managed Video Surveillance Is Key

If you’ve wandered around Houston neighborhoods, you’ve probably seen homes and businesses sporting the tell-tale security stickers in their windows. But not all of these places are protected equally. While basic attempts to reduce crime with alarms are certainly better than nothing, managed video surveillance services are the superior solution.

Video surveillance systems act as a theft deterrent in Houston’s commercial areas and residential communities. Furthermore, we provide our clients with recorded video evidence that can help mitigate property loss.

Criminals can be sneaky and cunning. If something overt happens, those with traditional security cameras will likely view their recorded video footage. However, trespassers may go undetected, and property owners might not immediately notice that criminal activity occurred. Therefore, those who don’t utilize managed video surveillance services are taking a gamble. This point is especially true for Houston property crimes pertaining to vandalism and theft.

Our managed video surveillance systems capture and record the premise. The presence of our video surveillance systems, as well as our available live video monitoring services for commercial properties, acts as an incredible crime and theft deterrent.


Houston Crime Prevention Is About More Than Peace of Mind

In addition to being a visual crime deterrent, Houston’s leading managed video surveillance services play a crucial role in loss management. SentriForce collects video evidence of illegal activity that has taken place on your property. Therefore, you’ll have clear evidence of what took place, which helps the police identify the culprit and potentially find any stolen possessions.

Unfortunately, too many properties aren’t adequately equipped to prevent crime in Houston, TX. For example, many construction sites aren’t equipped with video surveillance equipment or alarms. So without managed video surveillance or live video monitoring, you’d have limited ability to deter trespassers or gather evidence of any crimes that took place. Your structures would be susceptible to detrimental damage, and any expensive construction equipment or materials could vanish without a trace.

When you choose to use our video monitoring services, we handle all logistics. This means SentriForce is responsible for maintaining the video surveillance equipment, monitoring the property for unwanted behavior, documenting unauthorized events, and dispatching law enforcement when necessary.

In essence, our Houston crime prevention and deterrent systems allow our trained surveillance monitoring staff to be proactive on your behalf. Our expertise and quick response are incredibly beneficial in helping the authorities track down a suspect.


Chain of Custody

Did you know that not all video evidence is admissible in court proceedings? If your footage doesn’t meet the necessary standards, you may as well not have bothered setting up cameras at all. To use the video you captured as evidence, you must prove there was an unbroken chain of custody.

In simpler terms, there has to be proof that the footage wasn’t tampered with. Otherwise, there is an opportunity for defense lawyers to call the footage into question, potentially resulting in a judge determining that you cannot use it.

There are better ways to ensure your Houston crime prevention efforts aren’t for naught. It’s possible to establish an unbroken chain of custody by using a fully managed video surveillance service like ours. Our secure, off-site storage servers and reputable, licensed personnel are just a few factors that can help reduce the risk of evidence getting called into question.


Different Industries Benefit in Unique Ways

While the core goal of preventing crime in Houston, TX remains the same, different demographics benefit in specific ways from our services. This enables our offerings to be well-rounded while simultaneously allowing for an experience that feels tailored to each client.


Construction Sites

  • Our equipment is ideal for construction sites, as it can operate without traditional power hookups. When the building is still underway, finding a way to keep security equipment on-site and functional is a common roadblock.
  • Our solar-powered mobile surveillance equipment can remain fully powered for up to several days without sun. Best of all, it can easily grow with your property by transitioning over to a regular power supply once things are up and running.
  • 24/7 documented footage, even during the hours that aren’t scheduled for active monitoring. You can use this to review on-the-job accidents and assess safety risks that could lead to additional injuries.
  • You might also find it helpful to monitor aspects like job progress or to scout out patterns among your employees that lead to decreased productivity.


Commercial & Retail

  • Commercial properties and shopping centers in Houston can always use an extra hand with deterring crime. During the daylight hours in large cities, properties like this often become hubs for panhandlers, vandals, and shoplifters.
  • Retail and commercial properties have additional risks after closing hours, such as damage from forced entry. However, our live video monitoring and managed video surveillance services allow us to deploy sirens, strobes, and loud alarms. This crime deterrent and intervention tactic could be the difference between showing up in the morning to shattered windows and averting the issue before the damage is done.


Homeowner Associations & Multifamily Communities

  • Despite best efforts, enforcing HOA regulations and neighborhood security doesn’t always go as planned. Even the nicest residential areas in Houston can experience problems. With the crime statistics mentioned earlier, it’s clear to see how issues may arise ﹘ even if they aren’t life-or-death situations.
  • Nuisance matters, like the misuse of shared facilities commonly found in condominium complexes, are regular occurrences. Common examples include not cleaning up laundry room spills, rowdy pool parties, or smoking in prohibited areas.
  • In situations like these, it can be nearly impossible to know who’s responsible. Frequently there aren’t witnesses, or fellow residents resist coming forward due to not wanting to “snitch.” That is where our surveillance equipment comes in, enabling HOAs to find out the truth behind the issue.


SentriForce Takes Houston Crime Prevention Further

We take a great deal of pride not only in our equipment but in our dedicated staff. While features like solar-powered equipment are great, it’s our passionate team that sets our service apart from other Houston crime prevention monitoring options.

While on-site guards are an excellent crime deterrent, even the best-of-the-best can only pay attention to a limited section of your property at a time. Some businesses fill the gaps by hiring numerous security guards or installing CCTV cameras and having someone monitor them. However, these options are far more expensive than our inclusive, cost-effective packages.


High-Tech Features That Bring Big Results

Our equipment doesn’t skimp on capturing important information needed for preventing crime in Houston, TX. With available security solutions like license plate recognition (LPR) and thermal imaging, you can rest knowing that you have access to the best cutting-edge surveillance technology.

LPR cameras offer an even keener eye for detail, boasting a remarkable ability to pick up on the characters and letters found on license plates. Footage from an all-purpose camera could do the trick. However, if you speak to the Houston Police, they’ll likely agree that LPR cameras are an excellent tool for increasing the likelihood of identifying intruders.

Meanwhile, thermal imaging takes the capabilities of our specialists even further, and it’s an ideal solution for picking up on activity in low-light situations. Some thieves and vandals might think that they’re in the clear by staying in the shadows. But they’ll be mistaken if you have our technology and services on your side.

Thermal imaging cameras allow our staff to identify movement based on heat signatures alone, without the need for additional light. Utilizing thermal imaging technology could be the difference between recognizing illegal activity immediately and not noticing until too late.


SentriForce: A Leading Force in Houston Crime Prevention Since 2004

Deterring and preventing crime in Houston isn’t a one-person job. That’s why we at SentriForce believe that the key to a safer community is teamwork. Our Houston theft deterrent team has your back so that you will be relieved knowing your property is being looked after.
Our team is experienced and knows the tricks of the trade. We provide results and data through our equipment and services that are unparalleled to what would be possible with a basic DIY camera kit setup and untrained eyes.

With proven Houston crime deterrent solutions ready to go, we look forward to helping local businesses and communities become more secure.

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