Damaged Gates: The Bane of Gated Communities

June 10th, 2022 | By SentriForce

Damaged Gates: The Bane of Gated Communities

The Gated Community Problem

Gated communities can provide a much safer environment for its residents. Gates can deter crime and keep trespassers out, but having gates creates a different problem – DAMAGED GATES.

In this video, an unsuspecting driver damages an apartment gate. While it may not seem like a common occurrence, it is actually a frequent issue for gated communities and can cause financial stress.

Why does it happen? There are numerous reasons, but knowing the “WHY” is not going to change anything after the fact or prevent drivers from doing it.

The Solution for Gated Communities

What can help gated communities against this problem is investing in a gate video security system that can provide critical evidence to help identify the vehicle that is responsible for the gate damage. Just like in this incident, a video surveillance camera was able to document “HOW” the gate damage took place. The license plate camera was able to document “WHO”, the vehicle that is responsible.

With this information, the owners or managers of the community will be able to mitigate loss and recover monies for repair.

There are gated communities that experience gate damages often and are unable to recover losses when it happens. Their solution was to remove the gates or keep it open permanently. However, resorting to this option will only make their community more vulnerable to criminal activities and trespassers.

Having gates can seem like a “1 step forward and 2 steps backward” situation, but I assure you that is not the case.

Gates are necessary, as it can encourage a safer community and help to keep unwanted activities at bay.

Just know that the gate will be damaged and broken by ‘someone’.


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