Discombobulated SUV Driver Dismantles Gate

November 17th, 2020 | By SentriForce

Yesterday some car hit our gate, and we want to see exactly what happened and who did it…”

Say no more.

This was a video investigation request by an apartment community manager who encountered apartment gate damage when she arrived to the property on the morning of 10/9/20.

After receiving the request, our video investigation department worked swiftly to collect answers and to provide the client with clarity and solutions.

Our video investigation department found…

Incident Description of driver causing gate damage to the property.

On 10/8/2020 at approximately 8:19 P.M., a gray SUV drove onto an apartment community entrance and parked outside of the entry gate.

An individual was observed exiting the vehicle and walking into the property.

Around 8:26 P.M, other vehicles were seen entering the property.

The SUV was then observed attempting to follow the vehicles into the apartment community.

As the gate was closing and near completion, the SUV continued forward while accelerating, hitting the gate, knocking it off its tracks, and therefore causing severe apartment gate damage.

The license plate of the vehicle was recognized and documented.

The video evidence and investigation was compiled and handed over to the apartment property managers.

The SUV was observed parking inside the property.

The driver and passenger of the SUV were observed walking into the apartment buildings and out of camera view.

How can Apartment Community use the information provided by their Managed Surveillance Service?

The apartment community manager now knows how the incident took place and has definitive information on the suspect vehicle that damaged the gate.

With this information, the client will be able to effectively hold the suspect liable for the damages and recover money.

Property damage is no minor offense. Gate repair alone can cost upwards of $1000.

Often times, it is very difficult to mitigate loss from property damages as there is no evidence or resources to draw upon to identify the suspect and hold them responsible for it.

This is where video surveillance can help.

With video surveillance, you will be able to mitigate more than just gate damages.

Video surveillance can be set up strategically to reduce risk and mitigate loss on valuable assets and deter criminal activities on your property, such as a dismantled gate, all while giving your tenants and residents an improved peace of mind, by increasing the safety and security of your community.

For more information on Managed Video Surveillance as a Service for your apartment community or multi-family complex in Houston, contact SentriForce.

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