Domestic Violence and Firearm Discharged

September 15th, 2021 | By SentriForce

Domestic Violence and Firearm Discharged

Domestic Violence and Firearm Discharge – On September 4, SentriForce received a video investigation request regarding a domestic violence incident and a possible fire-arm that was discharged.

How did it happen?

Let’s playback the footage and take a look.

At 2:31am, A red coupe backs into the property.

Two other vehicles appeared and individuals walked out of the frame.

The suspect exits the red coupe, he’s armed and dangerous.

The suspect aggressively approaches the individuals, gesturing menacingly out of frame.

The suspect retrieves an item from their glove compartment before being met by a female.

Suddenly, the suspect pulls out a gun and aims for the sky.

The suspect proceeds to assault the female.

Fighting back, the female pushes the suspect against the wall, and the firearm is discharged.

Although the bullet didn’t hit anyone, we unfortunately cannot say nobody was injured in the incident.

This suspect is accused of domestic violence, we think the video speaks for itself.

The footage is hard to watch at times but it goes on.

The suspect continues to attack the female. 

The fighting finally came to an end, or did it? As the suspect was observed shoving the female yet again.

Luckily law enforcement arrived on the scene to apprehend the suspect and take him into custody.

This video footage was handed over to the police for further investigation.

The SentriForce video investigation team can provide you with the needed evidence and information.

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