Dropping Lyrics In The Streets

August 18th, 2020 | By SentriForce

In this incident, our Central Station was alerted when multiple individuals decided to trespass onto a client’s construction site, late in the evening.

After a quick analysis, our dispatcher realized that the reason they were trespassing onto the construction site, was to film a music video for a blossoming musician.

While sympathetic to these artists, serious injuries can occur on a construction site and when unauthorized individuals trespass, it can open up all forms of liability for the client.

Our dispatcher engaged the lights and sirens, in hopes to encourage the production team to find another location for shooting their video, they chose not to respond, and law enforcement was dispatched to shut down the production. Curtailing creativity isn’t something SentriForce wants to do, but protecting our client’s assets and helping reduce their risk exposure is.

As they continue to film the next VMA winning video, the “Trespassing Crew” moved deeper into the construction property.

Then, sensing that climbing onto a skid steer was just the thing to push the video over the top, our crooning talent continues his epic salute to construction workers… all while keeping it cool in shades.

Further priceless entertainment continued, when his associate joins our talent at the loader. Not wanting to miss out, the entire entourage moves into our clients building under construction, to capture some “B-roll” footage.

Finally, our law enforcement arrives to escort the production team and talents off the site. It is clear that the music genre our virtuoso was dropping wasn’t to the liking of the officer.

Reducing risk and protecting clients assets are what we do… busting a move is just a bonus.

Combining industry leading technology with our Texas-based and in-house monitoring facility, to help you and your team reduce loss and mitigate risk.

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