Emotions Erupt - Altercation at Apartment Community leads up to a Tragedy

May 29th, 2020 | By SentriForce

Altercation at Apartment Community

At approximately 1:05pm on an April Tuesday afternoon, a large altercation starts out in the courtyard of this apartment community, but ends in tragedy.

During the skirmish, a male approached the area from a breezeway, carrying an item which he hands to another male.

Upon closer inspection, the item appears to be a gun.

The male carrying the gun then exits through the breezeway as the crowd dispersed, only to commit a heinous act.

Police officers were observed entering the location at 1:20pm with two females in custody, one of which is the individual who was speaking with the second male, which received the gun and pointing at other actors.

This footage was then provided to law enforcement to assist with further investigations.

Unfortunately, the incident does not end there.

For more information following this incident, click on this link.

With the addition of video surveillance footage, police investigators are able to draw more information, connect the series of events together, and more effectively identify potential suspects.

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