Female Resident Assaulted In Apartment Community

September 23rd, 2020 | By SentriForce

On September 10, SentriForce received a video investigation request from an apartment leasing manager, regarding an assault incident, a female resident assaulted in the apartment community.

“I had a resident come in just recently and said that she was attacked by a male friend around 2am early Thursday morning. She said that she came through the front entrance gate in a ‘vehicle’ and dropped the gentleman off just inside the gate next to a ‘vehicle’ that is actually still here on property right now. He chased after her car and she was able to drive to her parking spot which is right in the exit gates view and the gentleman hid behind the red Trailblazer parked on the corner covered lot. He attacked her right in front of the exit camera and dragged her to the breezeway. She said this went on and on until about 6am. Can you guys please send me the video??”

The SentriForce Video Investigation team promptly went to work.

After reviewing the footage in regards to a physical altercation between a resident and her male friend, the Video Investigation team found the following:

On September 10, at approximately 1:54am a red Hyundai drove into camera view and parked near the exit gate of the property.

An individual exited the passenger side of the vehicle and walked out of view as the sedan exited the property.

Around 2:16am, the Hyundai returned to the property.

The driver momentarily exits the vehicle and places a package on the ground.

The male in question appeared in view and stopped the Hyundai before it quickly drove off and the male fell to the ground.

The Hyundai drove in and out of view several times while the suspect in question loitered around the exit gate area.

Around 2:27 am the Hyundai drove back into the apartment complex and parked near the exit gate where the male suspect confronted the individual.

The interaction eventually got physical before both individuals walked out of camera view.

At 4:09am a black Buick drove in and out of the property several times before eventually pickup up a passenger in the back of the property.

The Buick proceeded to park near the red Hyundai where the resident and another female exited the vehicle.

At 5:09am the Buick met police at the front of the property and the resident began speaking with police.

SentriForce Video Investigation

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