Fight Night at Apartment Community

May 28th, 2020 | By SentriForce

At 4:00 AM, an apartment tenant leaves his home and approached a security guard’s vehicle.

The resident is recording the situation with his phone while having a heated discussion with the security guard.

Soon after, the security guard exits the vehicle and confronts the resident face to face.

The resident puts away his phone and thankfully, the security guards put away his firearm in the vehicle.

The two individuals begin sizing each other up, for hand to hand combat.

Once personal space was invaded, the two individuals engaged in fisticuffs.

After punches are thrown, the two grapple, and throw each other into nearby cars.

The confrontation ended after the car alarms were set off.

Regardless of the circumstances, a property could be held liable for situations like this, especially when an employee or contracted service company of the apartment complex is involved.

Property managers should have as much evidence as possible to defend their liabilities, while also helping to maintain a safe and secure environment for their residents.

The best way to deliver that peace of mind to your community is through surveillance camera systems.

Consider managed video surveillance, all for a fraction of the cost of other security options.

For information about apartment community surveillance camera systems, please contact SentriForce.

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