Smart Surveillance: How Cutting-Edge Tech & Managed Video Services Improve Security

November 13th, 2022 | By SentriForce
Smart Surveillance: How Cutting-Edge Tech & Managed Video Services Improve Security

Because of poor surveillance systems, apartment communities are often considered soft targets by criminals. Apartment communities that use outdated, barely functional systems are ripe for such exploits. However, all of that can be turned around with a simple switch over to managed video services.

Sentriforce has developed its video as a service over the course of 15 years. In this decade-and-a-half-long process, we have developed deep expertise in the field of smart security, including managed video surveillance, live video monitoring, consistent system checks, etc. So let’s have a look at why smart surveillance is the best security solution for apartment communities.


What is Smart Surveillance?

Smart surveillance is a step above the traditional surveillance system. The traditional system required manual monitoring and a lot of input from the owners of the system. Not anymore. Smart surveillance takes the onus from the owners and puts it on a well-designed hi-tech security surveillance system.

Such systems are installed and managed by professional security companies such as Sentriforce. This means regular system checks and professional maintenance overall, ensuring high performance at all times.

For high-risk and large-scale businesses, we also provide live video monitoring services. This effectively replaces or enhances on-ground security personnel for operations such as construction sites, warehouses, etc. Smart surveillance thus offers real-time protection from crime, with 24/7 monitoring also available as an option for businesses.


Common Smart Surveillance Systems

Smart security surveillance systems are designed and installed based on what the situation calls for. Thus it can be as simple as a single camera with a live feed that helps a human guard to perform their access control duties more efficiently. And it can also mean a whole network of cameras, access control systems, intelligent devices that are attached to cloud storage, or to a smart home security system.

There are as many different kinds of systems as there are security needs. Some areas need surveillance only during off-hours, especially when it is dark outside. Some areas are more about keeping track of the traffic, who is going in, who is coming out, and when. Further, there are smart security solutions that provide a wide field of view in a narrow space, motion detection, and more. There is a solution for almost every need.


Types of Smart Surveillance Cameras


Managed Video Surveillance vs. Physical Barriers


Several types of security cameras are used for smart surveillance systems. The first classification that can be made is that the cameras are either meant for indoor use or outdoor use. Outdoor use cameras need to be weatherproof and tamperproof, more so than indoor cameras. So they are built to be sturdy and hard to damage. Most such cameras are designed to function through all weather conditions, in scorching heat and freezing cold.

Further classification can be made based on their optics and sensors. Some cameras are designed to provide as wide a field of view as possible. Others are focused on taking close-up shots of human faces and car number plates. Still, other cameras are fitted with thermal vision or infrared vision to provide fully illuminated night vision in areas without any illumination.

Some cameras, like the Ring security kit, come with internet connectivity that allows homeowners to keep an eye on their property from anywhere in the world. They connect to a dedicated mobile app and put surveillance right inside your smartphone.


Benefits of Smart Surveillance

Smart security surveillance systems are one of the best defense strategies for your apartment community and also your business. In either case, the security solution provides not just crime detection but also acts as a deterrent. Studies have shown that publicly visible security cameras do more to deter crime than most other factors.

Furthermore, smart surveillance systems have smart home integration. Modern security devices can easily integrate into a network of similar devices to give you maximum peace of mind. Most of them are easy to install, so they can be online the day you decide to secure your home and apartment community.

From doorbell cameras to motion detection-based lights and smartphone-connected surveillance systems, your home and your apartment community can experience security like never before.


What is the Best Smart Security System?

The best system, without a doubt, is one that functions when you need it the most. A professionally installed and maintained system that is custom-designed to suit the unique needs of your apartment community. That is the best system for you.

Since each situation is different, it is important to design each system to fit the need. If you need more ideas or information about making your surveillance system better, get in touch today.

Contact SentriForce to find out how to secure your business today.

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