How Video Surveillance In Apartment Communities Is Beneficial

November 23rd, 2020 | By SentriForce

How Video Surveillance Can Benefit Your Apartment Community

Video surveillance has many benefits in apartment communities, such as creating an extra layer of security or being a deterrence to criminals. It can be an extremely valuable resource to help property managers mitigate loss from damages.

Gated communities have the intent to maintain a secure environment for their tenants, while providing peace of mind and an improved quality of life. However, the gated solution invites unintentional problems that can increase operational expenses, potentially harm the property’s reputation, and value.

  1. Gate damage and gate repairs, can cost upwards of $1000.
  2. Unrepaired gates that cause traffic congestions, can encourage tenants to behave irresponsibly and negatively in your community.
  3. Broken gates that are left open, allow potential criminals to freely enter and exit your community as they please.

We recommend employing CPTED principles such as proper lighting, territorial identification, warning signage, and clear lines of sight in your community as it can increase the effectiveness of having a video surveillance system.

With video surveillance and license plate recognition cameras, apartment communities can recover money for gate repairs by tying the incident to a vehicle in a matter of time.

When video surveillance cameras are properly used in a community, they can help 

  1. Reduce liability
  2. Create a safer environment for tenants
  3. Deter and prevent unwelcome visitors
  4. Monitor and provide a visual log of community activity
  5. Combat false or fraudulent liability and insurance claims
  6. Identify persons responsible for property damage and recover losses

With our dedicated video investigation team, SentriForce can provide you and law enforcement with the needed evidence and information to resolve the problem or mitigate loss.

SentriForce will extract all relevant video footage from your incident or request and deliver a clear and comprehensive video report.

For more information on Managed Video Surveillance as a Service for your apartment community or multi-family complex, contact SentriForce.

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