Illegal Dumping in Apartment Communities

March 4th, 2022 | By SentriForce

How Illegal Dumping Affect Apartment Communities

Illegal dumping in apartment communities is all too common and can become a financial nuisance. Such acts as illegal dumping can increase operational expenses to the management group or property owners and encourage further degradation of the community.

From large appliances, chairs, couches, and beds – Dumpsters can fill-up quicker or over-fill onto the streets from illegal dumping and require more frequent dumpster pickups.

Combatting Illegal Dumping

It is important to prevent and deter these acts before it becomes learnt by the community as an acceptable act.

Here are solutions that you should considering employing if your community is experiencing losses due to illegal dumping to avoid unwanted waste and unnecessary costs.

Property managers and owners should try to prevent illegal dumping by educating their tenants and informing them of how and where they can dispose of their larger waste.

More often than not, a majority of the public does not know what illegal dumping is or that it is illegal in the first place.

You can place fencing and warning signs around the dumpster to deter illegal dumping.

You can lock the dumpster or fencing during scheduled hours to prevent late night illegal dumping activities.

Use video surveillance systems that are equipped with license plate cameras and designed specifically for gates and entrances to gather important evidence and information.

The SentriForce Solution

As seen in this video, an apartment community experienced illegal dumping by a suspect who is most likely not a tenant of this community. The property manager sent a video request to SentriForce to investigate the illegal dumping incident and our video investigation team found this.

An individual with a truck transporting large furniture waste attempts to enter this apartment community. Unable to gain access through the entry gate, the suspect snuck in through the exit gate of the community after a tenant exited. The SentriForce license plate camera captured identifiable information on the vehicle.

The truck continued into the back of the community and unloaded their large waste. As the suspect exits the apartment community, the SentriForce license plate camera captures identifiable information of the vehicle a second time.

This video and a detailed report were sent to the property manager of the apartment community. They are now able to provide law enforcement investigators with undeniable evidence and hold the suspects liable for their actions.

For more information on Managed Video Surveillance as a service and how it can help your apartment community, contact SentriForce.

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