Jobsite Surveillance Catches Thief

March 7th, 2022 | By SentriForce

Jobsite Surveillance Catches Thief

Houston, Texas – On Feb 27 at 6:44 PM, an unknown individual drives onto a construction jobsite.

SentriForce Central station was quickly prompted of the unauthorized activity taking place. The suspect was immediately engaged with on-site audio warning, bi-lingual voice broadcast and police dispatch.

While the law enforcement officers were in route to the construction jobsite, our Central Station team continued monitoring the theft in progress and feeding the police dispatch live updates of the suspect’s activity.

As the suspect was packing up to leave the construction jobsite, Houston Police Department officers arrive on scene to apprehend them.

The individual was detained and the items were returned.

Protect Your Construction Project

Equipment and material theft can cause delays project completion time by weeks and sometimes months. These delays can and often result in loss of profits for a general contractor. It is common sense to take precautions, but surprisingly a great deal of construction sites fails to do so. We want to share 4 simple, but effect ways to “Secure Your Construction Site”. More is not always better; keep it simple and keep it effective.

4 Tips to Improve Your Security

  1. Build a perimeter around your job site! Perimeter fences can help keep out any unwanted intruders and is an extra barrier for your unattended assets on the site as it serves as a strong primary defense. Having a perimeter can prevent wanderers, pedestrians, and would-be criminals from entering onto your jobsite.
  2. Add lighting! Criminals hate light! Lighting on the construction project is important as it can illuminate the area. It can also work as a deterrence against potential thieves and criminals as they prefer to work in the darkness. The light a project has, the better, as they do not want to risk being seen.
  3. Store your equipment and materials! Do not leave your equipment and materials outside in the open or by the perimeter, it is an open buffet for thieves. By keeping materials out of sight and storing them in a fenced area, you have reduced the risk of being targeted and made it exponentially more difficult for thieves to pilfer.
  4. Use a security service like live video monitoring that is specifically designed to actively engage with criminal actors on your property, including the dispatch of local law enforcement agencies.

For more information on video surveillance and live video monitoring services for your construction site, contact SentriForce. Combining industry leading technology with our owned monitoring facility to help you and your team reduce loss and mitigate risk.

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