Jobsite Theft Causes Project Delays

June 7th, 2022 | By SentriForce
Jobsite Theft Causes Project Delays

Jobsite Theft Causes Project Delays

Jobsite theft can causes project delays, property damages, and loss of revenues for construction companies. With the help of construction site security, project managers can dissuade burglars from targeting their job sites. We’ll look at security solutions and how they can help safeguard your company against a break-in.

Why Do Construction Sites Make Such ‘Easy’ Targets?

Construction sites are easy targets because they often lack proper security and loss prevention measures. The following are the most common security concerns that are leading sources of construction site theft:

  • The site’s overall security is poor.
  • The same keys are used by multiple types of equipment.
  • Open cabs are easily accessible.
  • Product identification methods are lacking.

Three Preventative Steps for Construction Theft

  • Illuminate your property, as it can work as a deterrence measure against potential thieves because they prefer to work in the darkness and not risk being seen. Lighting can also give the illusion at night that the job site is still active causing would-be criminals to turn away.
  • Installing a fence around the perimeter is one of the cheapest ways to dissuade theft. In some situations, it’s enough to stop would-be criminals, but not all of them. Creating a defined perimeter around a building site will aid in preventing minors and members of the public from walking onto the site by accident. If potential trespassers realize that breaking in would be too difficult, they will go for another building site that is less secure.
  • Strengthen your perimeter by installing live video monitoring. The advantage of live video monitoring is that you can rest easy knowing that someone watches your entire perimeter unlike with security guards. They can only have eyes on the areas where they are patrolling. Video monitoring cameras are also an effective part of an integrated security system. With SentriForce live video monitoring, local law enforcement can be dispatched to the property if necessary to secure your construction site.

If you’re ready to beef up security on your construction site against jobsite theft that can cause project delays, the first step is to identify your risks. Contact SentriForce today for a free job site evaluation by a reliable security expert.

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