Live Video Monitoring: Next-Gen Security Solution

October 27th, 2022 | By SentriForce
Live Video Monitoring: Next-Gen Security Solution

Live Video Monitoring

Step Into the Future of Security Systems And Services

Is it vital to replace your security guards or CCTV system with the latest offerings on the market? The vast benefits of video surveillance systems and live video monitoring services prove that it is.

Advancements in technologies and offerings from companies such as SentriForce help consolidate costs while increasing security measures for various businesses such as retail centers and construction sites.

Live video monitoring services can manage minute details that traditional solutions cannot cover.

Ability to Engage with Suspects

Live video monitoring can take action if an intrusion is detected. For example, SentriForce utilizes on-site alarms and voice warnings to deter criminals. These actions dissuade intruders from stealing or vandalizing while the live video monitor contacts local law enforcement.

Thermal Imaging Technology

SENTRIFORCE’s video surveillance services offer a more comprehensive range of functionality than CCTV or the presence of security guards. For example, the use of advanced thermal imaging to detect activities on client’s properties with no light.

Typical security camera is reliant on light to be able to document more details.

SENTRIFORCE’s thermal imagers are analyzed in real-time by an operator, offering a higher level of security.

Criminal Deterrent

SENTRIFORCE’s security systems are equipped with an array of advantageous deterrent features, including alarms, flashing lights, and audible warning messages. These functions are remotely triggered to ensure that intruders are deterred at the moment of detection.

Prevention is the best business security solution. That’s why it’s important to remember that would-be intruders will often avoid breaking into properties that are remotely monitored 24/7. You can eliminate most break-in attempts at their inception by utilizing visible managed video surveillance systems, which warn trespassers that this property is secured and actively monitored.

Why Live Video Monitoring Is the Ultimate Business Security System

The days of setting up CCTV cameras and hiring security guards are fading away in the rearview mirror. Cutting-edge security solutions, such as SentriForce’s video surveillance services, reduce costs while improving effectiveness and efficiency.

Security guards can be expensive to have on staff, and they also introduce the element of human error into your security measures.

Overall, implementing the next generation of security systems and services will save money and gain more peace of mind.

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