Mailbox Thieves Attack Apartment Community

June 10th, 2020 | By SentriForce

At 4:00 AM, a vehicle enters an apartment community and parks in front of a leasing office.
Two individuals exit the vehicle.
The suspects appear to be dressed up as security guards, one is equipped with a firearm.
The suspects proceed to open the master door to all of the mailboxes and empty the contents into a bag.
The suspects are seen scouting the area shortly, before returning to finish their criminal activity.
The suspects notice a passing car and takes precaution to avoid being spotted.
After the car passes, the suspects lock up the mailboxes and exits the property at 4:20 AM.
The video evidence has been passed onto the local authorities as well as the USPS Inspection team.

Sadly, with COVID-19, the criminal element has branched into activities such as stealing stimulus checks and unemployment checks being sent via mail at an alarming rate.
Besides the loss of government financial support, this increases the chances of larger problems such as identity theft and fraud.
Apartment communities and neighborhoods with cluster-type mailboxes also seem to be a preferred target for mail box thieves.

How can your community help respond to this type of criminal activity?

One method is to install video surveillance cameras in areas that observe mailbox areas and license plate recognition cameras at entries and exits of the property or neighborhood.

With surveillance cameras being easily noticed, criminals might reconsider and withdraw.

With license plate recognition cameras, you will have definitive information that can be provided to law enforcement leading up to the arrest of the perpetrator.

For more information about managed video surveillance for your apartment community or your homeowner’s association, contact SentriForce today.
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